Phones LineageOS 15.1 is officially supported on

LineageOS is the successor to Cyanogenmod – a Google-free, freedom technology alternative to stock Android that isn’t infected with Google Play Services (Google’s surveillance services) … Version 14.1 is stable and runs flawlessly on older hardware but if you’re looking for a new phone, this list I compiled may help.

Web+: dat://



@aral Do you know about microG? It's a FOSS implementation of Google Services.

There's also LineageOS with built-in microG.

@desikn Was just reading about it yesterday. Have yet to try it out but aiming to when I get a chance.

@desikn @aral thanks I have been trying to find something like this for maps. I searched at least 20 different terms.


@desikn @aral and I learned that I can use LineageOS without any extra Google blobs and no Gapps and all my apps still run!

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