Tab Stash 2.4 will contain:
- An entirely new caching subsystem for dealing with website icons and metadata
- Persistent memory of which tab groups are visible/collapsed
- Re-worked and expanded tests/testing infastructure
- A large number of squashed bugs (thanks to user bug reports and aforementioned testing improvements)

...and yet somehow the largest change, by far, is package-lock.json, because of course it is.

I hate the Internet

A Silent Voice was a very good movie that made me cry. Recommended.

So I just watched A Silent Voice, and I think that Iโ€™ve been emotionally nuked into next Monday. See you all next week!

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism, I didnโ€™t spend my entire day off writing code, why on Earth would you think that? >.>; <.<;

[narrator: โ€œActually, he did.โ€]

(My little baby WebExtension is up to ~6.5k lines of code, itโ€™s getting so big!)

(And itโ€™s got over 500 active users now AAAAAAA *hides*)

Made a ton of progress on the next Tab Stash release today, once I realized the two features I wanted to do could share a lot of the same code. ^^

Gonna run it for a bit on my own machine to make sure Iโ€™m not blowing anyoneโ€™s shit up, but there should be a new release with some oft-requested things soon~

Golang programming 

Golang programming 

Golang programming 

Golang programming 

i guess what im trying to get at is that personally i find people talking about things they're passionate a welcome reprieve from the unending stream of cum piss shit jokes and i wish people werent conditioned by other websites to feel like their very act of posting ~anything~ was a burden on those who follow that will be revoked very easily.
like people even say shit like they're eating up too much real estate and should just shut up about their passions and that stuff right there makes me sad

I figured out how to hack up the newtype pattern in :

`type NewType = OldType & {__random_variable_name_thats_never_used__: undefined};`

Then explicitly cast `old_value as NewType` to create newtype values.

Super useful for cases such as, "this thing is a string but actually it's a URL", and having the compiler actually enforce it. More on the newtype pattern here:

If you had told me a year ago I would have been able to make anything open source that would get that many users, I would have laughed. Hard.

"Is your energy supply sustainable?" the advert asked.
I checked my energy meter.
57% Spite
35% Anger
7% Curiosity
1% Compassion
Renewable, certainly. And it got me through the day. But was it sustainable?
I clicked the ad.

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

Job titles at a corporation run by cats:

CEO = Chief Eating Officer
CTO = Chief Toy Officer
CMO = Chief Meowing Officer
CSO = Chief Sniffing Officer
CPO = Chief Petting Officer

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