Blehhhh, lost most of the afternoon to a migraine. Pollen count today seems to be super high and I haven’t exactly had good sleep hygiene for the last few days, so I guess I was due. Food seems to have helped, but I still feel behind on what I was hoping to do today. X.x

More stats from the day’s activities:

Wine crackers consumed: 9
Rainbows seen: 2
Cats petted: 4
Pleasantries exchanged: 447
kWh used: 28.4
Distance travelled on electrons: 98.4mi
Meowing: like a billion

Wines sampled: 12
Salad bar items eaten: 11
Species of animal consumed: 4
Crowds endured: 3
Minivans driven: 1

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Celebrated Dad’s Birthday

And of course only like a third of the paper fits in the bag ;.;

So uh, I paid for a paper bag at Safeway this morning because I once again forgot to plan ahead and bring a reusable bag in with me, and just so happened to be feeling lazy enough that the $.25 was worth it.

Just now, I discovered I happen to need a paper bag to recycle all the paper in the shredder.

Win/win, I guess? Weird how stuff just works out like that sometimes.

I've had the FTL soundtrack stuck in my head since yesterday afternoon for some reason. Not complaining—it's a good soundtrack—but I guess I know what I'm listening to today.

There is a cat here who was SUPER EXCITED for bedtime and is now purring SUPER LOUDLY while getting pets and ramming his face into my arm.

Also, it’s raining enough I can hear it on the windows and roof, yet it’s still quiet, and peaceful, and this is just nice. ^^

My max heart rate hit something like 160bpm while I was cleaning the shower, so I feel justified (and also out of shape)

Am I above telling my watch I am “exercising” while I am cleaning the shower?

No, no I am not.

I can't wait for this meeting to be over so I can go hoooome~


I stayed up late last night with the intention to sleep in a bit this morning, but there was a cat and, well, here we are at almost 3 PM and I'm yawning my way through this 2+-hour meeting.

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Expired: Commenting what a function is doing
Wired: Commenting how and why a function is doing what it is doing
Inspired: Commenting what you were feeling and thinking while writing the function

Spent a good 2.5 hours trying to figure out why the Things share extension wasn’t working on my brand-new worktop, only to discover... it was blocked? by? our? IT?? department???

Like...what the actual fuck? I can run a client for my home VPN no problem, but somehow an unapproved share extension is a security risk?

IT is on some serious mind-altering substances. :/

Woke up with a headache and my head full of snot; please send spicy food and antivirals. :S

I went a little too zoom over the weekend, and today I’m just ☠️. But! I got a new work laptop today so that’s fun. :3

Someone re-posted from two years ago in Fuzzy Code and now I want to write my own language again. >.>

I thiiiiink I may have forgotten to take my allergy meds this morning, because I set foot outside and suddenly I have a cold. ;.;

Plants and air pollution were a bad idea

There must be a ghost cat in the office. I came back to my laptop, and iTerm just had a window full of "qqqqqqqqqq....."

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