Habe auch noch ein paar super Tipps:
1. Einweg-Rasierer mehrmals benutzen
2. Es muss nicht immer das neuste iPhone sein: ein solides Mittelklasse-Smartphone, mit zusätzlicher Schutzhülle, kann Jahre halten
3. Zeitungsabo abbestellen (das Wichtigste kann man online umsonst lesen)

Amazon made sure to delete a video about their "amazen" mindfulness box for warehouse workers from Twitter after the feedback turned out to be pretty negative… here's a copy.

Waiting for crypto activists to set their own Teslas on fire in protest and stream the action on TikTok

extremely correct venn diagram, techno dystopia 

it's hilarious to me that apparently vice.com/en/article/pkdj79/peo is a thing that's happening

The paradox of hardcore individualism is that every achievement becomes personal and every failure institutional; similar to privatizing profits and socializing losses.

While I'm sure these designs are supported by the usual telemetry and user research data by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, I'm also sure they were even considered because they match the overall drive towards branding basic activities and design for The Third User (Tognazzini).

Prompted by the new "tab grouping" feature in Chrome. It's a fix on top of a fix on top of a hostile design principle that started with MacOS 10.0, introducing "app" as the main unit of organization of user activity.


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Additionally, tabs have taken over space in the title area of windows that was once reserved to drag windows around so users could construct a workspace that fits their needs.

The draggable surfaces left have become smaller and sometimes require a modifier key to activate.


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This is a result of conflating "apps" and "activities", combined with heavy branding. Browsing the web with Chrome is not a task, but collecting info from one web site and summarizing it on another, for example, is.

The tab model focuses on easy switching in between "branded tasks" (write documents with Word, read PDFs with Acrobat, browse web with Chrome) instead of presenting facets of a task. The task hierarchy tabs suggest hardly ever matches what users need to do.


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