This weekend I'm offering a unique service: Send me a sentence that uses the word "experience" to describe a process involving computers. I will remove or replace "experience" from that sentence. Screenshots welcome!

@ me or reply to this tweet, paste text or screenshot.

hyper:// version of the p2p web page My Web Is Fucked Up! (use @BeakerBrowser >1 to visit the link) hyper://1b23bc3853015ce7d5e0e93d4febd0d4ac116019672ac5bbe24d3b60463882a9/

Was für eine Show!!
Für den "Tatortbesuch" von #Seehofer #Kretschmann #Strobel #Kuhn und die Presse wurde sogar extra das Samstag Nacht in #Stuttgart demolierte Polizeiauto als Kulisse aufgefahren und wie ein Kunstwerk enthüllt

So proud this capsule was named after me. What a day for Yugoslavian space travel!

You want digital sovereignty? Than you have to chose Free Software! Otherwise you will never be in control and for example other might decide if it is worth supporting your mother language.

After 35 days, more than 4000 lines of code, 155 lines of prose, 1 cool article in a national newspaper and 1 online exhibition, my project ends today.

Not trying to defend zoom's practices and architecture, but I'm puzzled by the sudden public and institutional devise during a peak in adoption.

Is it just because after years of using nothing but the same office software, office workers had to expand their toolset by a single new software?

I mean, all the "old" software, like Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint, Windows 10, DropBox, Google services, are "privacy and security nightmares" just the same, if not worse.

When I take the time to override the CSS of your website that is an expression of respect and admiration.

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