Just learned a new UX term: rageshake

(image from Element for Android)

Yesterday I received a mail with 996 characters in the subject. Yes, basically the whole mail was in there.

I didn't know it was possible.

So, after one year of read-write time about computers I thought of having a Mastodon première of The User Condition, a looong text on computer agency and behavior. Here's the link, enjoy:


Of course I'm profoundly grateful for the help that I received from all of you people here (check acknowledgements at the bottom).

Needless to say, I welcome feedback, criticism, bug/misspells reports and whatever else comes to mind :)

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Why is this Raleway font so popular? It's hard to read more than five words in it.

if Amazon can't profit off your code is it really open source?

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Es ist null hilfreich für die Sache, Leuten, die sich nach Signal erkundigen, ideologische Manifeste zu Matrix drunterzuklatschen. Lasst den Scheiß.

Today I asked my parents if they would consider communicating via Signal instead of Whatsapp, and 30 min later they sent me their first Signal messages. They're both over 70 but faster with the switch than many 20-year-olds I'm communicating with! 😍

Since most folks stopped using mice, user interface design has suffered greatly, also for those that use mice.

LibreTranslate: Open Source Machine Translation 100% Self-hosted. No limites. No ties to propietary services: libretranslate.com/

Rhizome boosting the Flash preservation fundraiser with a telethon of Flash artworks on new year's eve*! rhizome.org/events/flash-sunse

* for inhabitants around GMT-5 time zones

I wrote up a few options on how to preserve Flash projects here: rhizome.org/editorial/2020/dec

At the bottom of that page you have the option to donate so Rhizome can upsize its emulation infrastructure to keep bringing Flash to the web.

Hey devolpers, have you heard about all these users that have scroll bars enabled in their OS?

Mastodon question:
I know Masto has a profile migration thing that apparently works well, but what if you want to keep a local backup of your account in case the instance you use expectedly goes under forever? I don't think you can still migrate if you wake up one day and realise your instance is dead... ?

You seem to be able to export your whole account "in the ActivityPub format" but you can only import CSV lists in a new account.

Am I missing something?

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