I had given up on the Wayland display server years ago… today I activated it by accident and everything became 1.75× more snappy! 🤪

I thinkof myself as being very patient with computers. Writing my own X11 device definitions, debugging Netscape LiveWire code, creating 3D models by typing in coordinates, making music by putting numbers in columns, all this is fine with me. Yet I'm mentally unable to set up a "smart home wifi plug."

Hell No by Dina Kelberman.
New post on the decentralized web surf club

dat://c1d28dff64c0d723c899777ad7f74d06815dfef0918348f6bdbb3a4905b39227/ (Use Beaker Browser to access the post)

Beim Deutschlandfunk läuft gerade eine einstündige Sendung zu Problemen mit Windows 7 und Windows 10. Treiber, Viren. ungewollte Aktualisierungen, Inkompatibilitäten, ... immer wieder lustig zu hören.

My birthday present. I missed both exhibitions, but glad I can imagine them with these catalogues. Now off reading...

Dear Linux people, does anybody know how I can block traffic in between two network bridges with ufw?

I'm trying

sudo ufw deny in on bridge0 from bridge1

But that results in "ERROR: Bad source address" ❓

All the example I'm finding are about controlling access to the host, there seems to be nothing for two bridges or devices.

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Does anybody (like @raphaelbastide) know how it can be that in recent years it appeared that so many really good quality free/libre digital fonts were released? Do designers create them with generative tools?


Amazon and Facebook Reportedly Had a Secret Data-Sharing Agreement, and It Explains So Much



I don't agree that communication on facebook, even poking and liking, is "for nothing."

See for instance vimeo.com/276931635 from eaw.rhizome.org/

Essentially, facebook and services like it, as much as they are rightfully despised, are like social security for communication: it's crap, but provides minimum services, for those without resources.

I love the fediverse, scuttlebutt, as much as the next person, but understand it's still for the privileged.

Scuttlebutt via Patchwork has still not managed to annoy me.

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