OBS, why do you have to make it so hard to connect an account the recommended way? I'm stuck with using a stream key because the button won't press no matter what.

To upgrade or not to upgrade to the Fedora 37 beta, that is the question. Gnome 43 looks cool from what I've used of the workstation image, and things seem a bit more accessible.

And this, is why windows is inefficient. TiWorker.exe; PID: 9000; Description: Windows Modules Installer Worker; Status: Running; Threads: 9; CPU: 23; Average CPU: 18.53 check box not checked 2 of 140

I'm now starting to get the hang of matrix, and with element it seems pretty accessible. For anyone who wants to add me, my username is @destructatron@twitter.com:matrix.org.

I just had one of the worst update experiences with NVDA I've yet seen. Just because I used user account control to let malware bytes do its update, I got a file in use error while installing the NVDA update, which, when I cancelled, completely screwed up my entire install. Literally had to disable UAC so it would stop complaining, because even when I used UAC to authenticate the update, the whole thing fell over with file in use, again.|

I really thought that watch OS 9 would be a lot more stable than this. Put it on the charger to take a bath, come back to find out that it has switched voices to english UK siri voice 1 and now won't change to anything else. Nothing obvious is fixing this including restarting.

Red hat bugzilla, why is it so damn hard to get the actual contents of an API key? The ID isn't of any use to me, and I can't report the gnome-shell crash that happened out of the blue if you're not going to display me the API key I have literally just created.

A warning to all Linux users, the most recent version of the speech-dispatcher-espeak package totally and utterly breaks emojis. It if encounters one it just says up up. Had to downgrade and I'm now looking for a way to add the relevant packages to DNF's package ignore list.

Windows, I'm not impressed. There is absolutely no reason for SearchApp.exe to suddenly start taking up 40% of my CPU.

I was looking at my conversations in messages and, group 1. What did I miss? Group 2. Not much.

This thing actually made a lot of sense for once, haha.

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Using your phone in airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/unfiltered123/stat

Destructatron OS version 1.8 was installed yesterday, but the lack of good internet prevented me from tweeting about it. 18 years has gone by way too fast.

I never thought dictation could fail so badly. A friend was dictating something, and semi colon got inserted as smacker 1.

I have officially installed the iOS 16 dev beta, and as first betas go it's really stable. I'm certainly enjoying eloquence on iOS.

Sometimes the latest isn't always the greatest. Arch kernel 5.18.1 utterly broke VM's on this laptop, so I had to downgrade to 5.17.9. Hopefully when 5.18.2 comes out it'll fix this.

The College I go to really needs a security audit. I just found out how so many people got the WPA2 password this morning.

Good morning, all. It's a national holiday here, again so I'm having a break. We'll see where that break goes. I wish you all a good Friday and start to your weekend and lots of good moments to make long-lasting memories, friendships and lots of kindness along the way to every creature and nature itself. :dragon_happy:

sometimes, even when the VM isn't running, it ended up taking 2 minutes to generate a grub.cfg file.

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Something's telling me that either my RAM, SSD, or both might be starting to die on me. I used to be able to install stuff on VM's just fine, but for some reason when I install ubuntu 22.04 or try to, the entire system just slows right down. It's got to the point where

have made team talk virtually die, and not to mention that games duplicate sounds sometimes, especially in bgt ones, and virtualbox isn't as performant as virt-manager either.

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