My Brain: The weird cadence of Grant MacDonald saying "GETTIN'... ˢᵘᶜᵏᵉᵈ" in porncore metal track "Ram Ranch"


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ironically the greatest obstacle for research into historical sewers for a fantastic undercity is the glut of sewer maps for fantasy settings that bear no particular relation to how sewers actually function

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Hey yall! 💞 I'm $800 shy of my top surgery goal. I'm still dealing with medical bills and would appreciate your aid!

I'm latinx, trans masc and not making enough to deal with the stress of finances. I'm also supporting my underemployed trans gf. Every donation is appreciated and very rad :ablobcatrave:

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I think an aspect of certain strains of Doomerism stems from the feeling that Certain Doom is still less frightening than the Genuine, Vulnerable, Raw Unknown.

You know if society survives another few decades in a format capable of making fighting games, the Snivelling Tech Bro gone Randian Objectivist Supervillain will be a perfect villain archetype.

*Sonic Riders Announcer Voice*


It's a timeless meme how awful School Cafeteria Food is, but with exception to maybe Elementary School, I could Profoundly Fuck Up a tray of damn near anything they served us back in the day.

"Virtual Hydlide" Remake, but the digitized graphics are replaced by Joel Haver style digital rotoscoping.

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The wi-fi at my bus stop home from work is down, so I'm finally going back into "The Ministry for the Future"
KSR's writing style begs the question: what if Aaron Sorkin had a science acumen & politics that weren't garbage

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A dwarf planet is a kind of planet! Just like a gas giant is despite basically being a heavy dwarf planet with a fuck ton of clouds! But only Pluto got planet rights because of the massive amounts of disrespect for short kings

It'd be neat if Discord had a "Home" page that aggregated every new comment into a Feed. I'm following some 15-30 servers, and it's like playing whack-a-mole looking for a convo to jump in on

You know what? That's it-
*grabs u by the top of your head and rips u thru the fabric of timespace, abandoning u in the alternate timeline where the 70s TV Show "CHiPs" had a rabid mid 2010s Tumblr Fandom revival*

Former Anglo colony that tried to do the American thing of altering spellings; but they make up words like Colyr, Neighbyr, etc- before sinking into the sea like a modern Atlantis, mourned by no one.

There's been little as viscerally upsetting as opening my weekly Feedbox in late October & seeing the Special Holiday Package coupons. A confluence of shit hitting my psychological soft spots like Fist of the North Star pressure points.

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