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Hi there, everyone!
I'm a and bookworm who loves , animals, food, and languages.

Been into for about a year and am now taking my first steps with NFTs.

can you believe there are still people out there who use "cat lady" as an insult? imagine admitting to the world that the best you can come up with is "bet that woman has a beloved pet"

Are we doing here on the M app? Let's do it!

How about a throwback to when my were still cuddly wuddly, snuggly wuggly kittens?

Aaand burglary number 4 within a month on our street! 😩
A doctor's house this time, again in broad daylight. First, they climbed the mango tree for the fruits, then they entered the building and took valuable items and food from the kitchen.

Heute nehme ich euch bei #oneLeahADay mit auf meinen Abendspaziergang 🌄 #mastoart #photography (diesmal wieder die Empfehlung den Nachtmodus oder redshift am Gerät aus zu machen, sonst wird's zu hart bei dem Farben)

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Nahe Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Oberbayern ist ein Zug entgleist. Mehrere Waggons stürzten zur Seite. Fünf Menschen kamen ums Leben, viele wurden verletzt. Rettungskräfte sind mit einem Großaufgebot im Einsatz.
Mindestens fünf Tote bei Zugunglück in Bayern | DW | 04.06.2022
#München #Zugunglück #Bayern #Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Das war letztes Jahr! Ich kann es gar nicht mehr erwarten.
Summen und Brummen überall - hach ja 😊 💃

#Hummel #Bienen #Natur #Freude

Just a reminder for everyone as we enter #PrideMonth, there are a lot of queer folks who aren't gay! Ace folk, bi/pan folk, straight trans and intersex folk etc. Please be careful with your language. If you're gay, then gay that shit up when talking about your own experiences, but don't use gay as a stand in to mean the whole community

Should've specified: What's your favourite genre to read or the genre you read the most? Or vote for the genre you write if you're a writer!

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How about a poll for all those of us who love
Comment for non-fiction or any other option.

Footage from the Mariana Trench. 10,792 meters (36,000 feet) below the ocean surface

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