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I've been around long enough, I guess it's time for an .

WASP. he/his. cishet. married.

Native speaker of en_US (Texas). Can also speak/read es_MX, and read pt_BR and it_IT.

I like Doctor Who (McCoy was "my Doctor") and cooking shows. I'm currently reading Pat Rothfuss' Kingkiller books.

I'm not a programmer, but I know enough Python and Perl to get by.

In my spare time I play older games (Half-Life 2, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 6) and watch Twitch speedrun streams.

90-minute conference call that lasted 9 minutes: not gonna lie, it's a great reason to enjoy the weather and drink some tea. Wish every meeting could be that short.

ubuntu, dns, vpn 

ubuntu, dns, vpn 

ubuntu, dns, vpn 

Part of me feels bad that I don't post more here. The other part of me knows that I should just continue to be myself, and not feel pressured to share anything I don't want to.
Here, have a picture of my coffee from this morning. It has a message!

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I really like coffee, but why do third-wave baristas insist on extracting their espresso so that it tastes lemony?

Not sure why I thought it would be easy, bit it turns out that removing the chuck on a lathe older than me is quite the task.

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๐Ÿ”ฎretoot this and il tell you how you die

Iโ€™m pretty sure I should be sleeping, and looking at my phone probably isnโ€™t helping, but I'm just not tired.
The storm outside the window sounds nice.

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boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

Memo to myself: even if the fountain pen reservoir looks empty, and the pen doesn't write, be sure to flush it before switching ink colors.
Related: the ink I bought this week is actually a very nice royal blue, not a dark blue-black

I finally got sick of having to remember to mute Twitch before I walk away from my desk, so I wrote a script that mutes/un-mutes the pulseaudio to correspond to the screen lock state. It's been a week and I've easily forgotten it was there. Which I think is the sign of a good solution.

I keep accidentally tearing tabs out of my firefox window. I wonder if there's a stickiness setting that'd make that happen less often.

I wonder what's more expensive, bifocal-lens glasses, or contact lenses and reading glasses?

does anyone else almost always say "please" when asking Siri/Alexa/Googles-Assistant-whatever-its-named to do something, like set an alarm or timer?

friendly reminder: your tea is getting cold.

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That high-pitched squeal TVs used to make boost if u strongly disagree

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