i need to set up a mail server...

considering i don't care about webmail, what is the easiest way to set up a simple imap+smtp server? just dovecot and postfix? every guide i've found makes you install way more stuff. suggestions from anyone who's done this before? :boost_ok:

@maple Dovecot + Postfix would do the job and aside from their dependencies I don't think there's anything else you'd NEED to install. While not strictly necessary, it'd be a Good Server Administrator thing to harden Postfix's configuration to make sure it's not an open relay.

I'd personally recommend getting a TLS cert (letsencrypt would certainly do) and using IMAPS and SMTP-over-TLS instead of the clear-text versions of the protocols. But again, not absolutely necessary.

@devlogic yeah i fully intend to use LE and TLS

any setup guide recommendations? simple spam protection?


It's been a couple of years since I last set up either Postfix or Dovecot, but I remember them both being fairly plug-and-play out of the box on Debian and its derivatives. I just found and read through these guides; while Debian/Ubuntu-centered, they seem comprehensive:

And for spam filtering, I've used Spamassassin for the last 20-ish years; this guide does a decent job explaining that:

@maple All the extra packages recommended in that guide on akadia should be automatic dependencies when you install spamassassin from the repos; no need to actually install everything by hand or from source unless that's your kind of thing.

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