I'm afraid I must migrate to another instance; m.s is just WAY too full these days. Here's hoping the automated tools work the way I want; if not, thanks for letting me follow you before!

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@Strawbunny I love that fabric! Do you have time to say where you got the fabric (if it was handmade) or the hoodie itself?

90-minute conference call that lasted 9 minutes: not gonna lie, it's a great reason to enjoy the weather and drink some tea. Wish every meeting could be that short.

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There are a few other packages that also appear to be related (and which I "updated" the same way):


Although I must admit that everything started working for me after just downgrading network-manager. The other packages I only downgraded "just in case".

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It'll technically be a downgrade (it'll say as much in the console) but when it's done, and a reboot has occurred, DNS will work as expected on your VPN connection.

Full commands because of character limits:

apt install --reinstall network-manager=1.10.6-2ubuntu1.1

apt install --reinstall network-manager-config-connectivity-ubuntu=1.10.6-2ubuntu1.1

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So I discovered this today, and figured I'd pass it along in case anyone else is running into the same problem.

Before fixing it this morning, I'd connect to my (work) VPN and would be unable to resolve internal hostnames on the remote network. Turns out there was a regression in network-manager, and an older version was re-pinned to bionic-updates. If you've having this problem, "update" network-manager to version 1.10.6-2ubuntu1.1 (apt install --reinstall network-manager=###)

@noelle Rocks are tired. The new wired is wearing prosthetic foreheads on our real heads.

@Juju That's awesome, and I'm ashamed to admit I tried to use the navigation arrows in your screenshot to see if there were any more

Part of me feels bad that I don't post more here. The other part of me knows that I should just continue to be myself, and not feel pressured to share anything I don't want to.
Here, have a picture of my coffee from this morning. It has a message!

@onf I don't know of any modern ones, but "Classic MacOS" supported slashes in filenames because the path separator was ":", (which was definitely NOT supported in filenames)

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I haven't said anything here in a while. I just haven't had any interest at all in, well, anything. Here or anywhere else. Going through the motions at work and at home, sleeping too much. Woodshop hasn't been touched in months, can't read more than a couple of pages in my stack of "in progress" books before I give up, etc. I'd talk to my doctor about changing my meds, but I don't really care about that either.

@maple@computerfairi.es You're welcome; hope it works out for you!

@maple@computerfairi.es All the extra packages recommended in that guide on akadia should be automatic dependencies when you install spamassassin from the repos; no need to actually install everything by hand or from source unless that's your kind of thing.


It's been a couple of years since I last set up either Postfix or Dovecot, but I remember them both being fairly plug-and-play out of the box on Debian and its derivatives. I just found and read through these guides; while Debian/Ubuntu-centered, they seem comprehensive:

And for spam filtering, I've used Spamassassin for the last 20-ish years; this guide does a decent job explaining that:

@maple@computerfairi.es Dovecot + Postfix would do the job and aside from their dependencies I don't think there's anything else you'd NEED to install. While not strictly necessary, it'd be a Good Server Administrator thing to harden Postfix's configuration to make sure it's not an open relay.

I'd personally recommend getting a TLS cert (letsencrypt would certainly do) and using IMAPS and SMTP-over-TLS instead of the clear-text versions of the protocols. But again, not absolutely necessary.

I really like coffee, but why do third-wave baristas insist on extracting their espresso so that it tastes lemony?

Not sure why I thought it would be easy, bit it turns out that removing the chuck on a lathe older than me is quite the task.

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