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A few months ago I decided that the phone on my desk at work was useless, so I turned off the ringer and stopped checking my voicemail regularly.

Today (the last day of the month) I checked that voicemail for all of July.

I had 56 messages.

Exactly one was not a robocall about student loan forgiveness or medical insurance plans. And that one was something that I also got an email about.

I think my "this phone is useless" decision continues to be correct.


I've wanted an Opinel pocket knife ever since the first time I encountered one. Turns out they're very affordable online - US$15 (only €9 if I lived in France; c'est la vie). So I bought one. I'm sure it'll become easier to open as I use/lubricate it, and I'm digging the shape of both the handle and the blade. The No. 8 is just the right size to fit in my hand, and carbon steel is so excellent. If you have the need and means I highly recommend you pick one up.

Swimming this afternoon so I put in some contact lenses for the first time in like 2-3 months. It's such a weird feeling while I wait for my eyes to adapt.

Tonight’s liquid refreshment. Taiwanese oolong brewed sorta grandpa-style.

Forcing me to type out a generated password is ludicrous. I guess that's why there's a 30-character upper limit?

actually, I need exactly this; my carafe IS a Hario 02. I wonder if I have what I'd need in my stash, in a color I'd like.

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Making 600mL of coffee at a time is really convenient. I can bring the (glass) carafe upstairs, so "more coffee" doesn't mean "go back to the kitchen" for at least a couple of hours. But I think I need to knit, um, I guess "Tea Cozy" is the best descriptor even though it's for a coffeepot. For today I've settled with wrapping a hand towel around it; better than nothing!


on Tuesday, my wife called me at 6 AM because she hit a deer while she was out of town on a dig. A big deer. While she was going 70mph. Her SUV is totaled. I drove 3 hours to join her & help out until the dig is over
on Wednesday, she broke her phone. Shattered the screen and digitizer
on Thursday, we discovered bed bugs in the hotel where we were staying.
Home on Friday.
on Saturday, my debit card got skimmed and someone tried to buy $300 worth of crap with it.

Last week can go fuck itself.

Apple, iOS12 

So as far as I can tell, iOS 12 if you don't have an iPhone X consists of bugfixes and performance enhancements, Workflow (which Apple bought last year and simply integrated into Siri) and an encouragement to stop using your phone.

linux, systemd 

OK then. I finally got my USB network adapter to not be named after its MAC address. Such a pain in the neck to type. I love the concept of predictable network interface names, but the debian-based distros seem to force USB devices to use MAC-derived names. And they suck.

but seriously, can we just burn everything to the ground and start anew yet?

My favorite way to prepare coffee this week has been "Aeropress Americano". I wonder what it'll be next week?

Why is it so difficult for me to remember the 4x4x4 single-dedge parity algorithm? Probability says that I should need it for about 50% of the solves I attempt.


I stopped by a liquor store at lunch because we're out of some basics at home (like bourbon).

Here in central Texas, it's over 90F right now, so I brought the bag into my office with me. High heat like that can't be good for bourbon.

And now it's almost the end of my workday, and it's so tempting to crack open a bottle.

If I didn't have another 4 hours of personal obligations that require 100% sobriety (including, you know, the DRIVE HOME FROM WORK)....


I've had a 16-floz monster and three cups of coffee, and I'm still dragging this morning. ☕

Family, bad stuff [-] 

My sister-in-law has been admitted to hospital for septic shock. My brother-in-law (her husband) was told to "get [...] affairs in order".

I've never been close to either of them, and I've been married for over ten years. But I'm not sure how well I'll be able to handle this. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

food, planning 

I really need to stop being so lazy, and go ahead & bake up a couple dozen breakfast muffins to keep in the freezer. It would only take under an hour of my time, and then I could stop having to settle for "just coffee" for breakfast on workdays.

Well that was the weirdest spam call I've ever received.

It was an autodialer.
From a number in Peru.
In Chinese.

life goals, mh (pt 3) 

I think at the root of it all, it's just scary to me to consider working towards all of those goals at once.

Hell, even "read more books" and "further enrich my marriage" are difficult to consider sometimes.

The depression left a lasting impact on my mind, and I know that's the reason I'm hesitant to work towards all of these goals (and the ones not written here).

I just wish there was a confidence drug. You know, other than success.

life goals, mh (pt 2) 

I'm torn between wanting to achieve all of my goals at once, and feeling I need to restrict myself to one goal at a time because it's simpler and easier to attain.

I mean, let's enumerate:

Dream job? woodworker/cabinetmaker/furniture designer. I have the basic skills to do that, I just need to practice a lot more to get to "pro quality".

Healthy weight? in progress, keto diet is doing the job so far

Depression? meds are mostly working, need a new therapist

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