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"Es imposible superar la velocidad de Google"

- Einstein -
Teoría de la relatividad

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PlayStation vs accuracy test.

Both remain exactly in sync after 5765 frames delivered.

With this kind of accuracy, do I still need a real PS1? 😎

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Final vote on . The 🎲 was thrown: the game is on (again?), with new rules, new game board, old players but perhaps new players will join soon…now let’s start playing it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 🇪🇺

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Big Tech is dropping $36 million to mislead and scare Congress about bipartisan and popular reforms that would ensure a fair digital marketplace. It’s time to pass the and to hold accountable. wsj.com/articles/big-tech-has-

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Tinder owner Match signs temporary agreement with Google to use non-Play Store payment system 9to5google.com/2022/05/23/matc by @iamdamienwilde@twitter.com

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por cierto, de lujo las nuevas oficinas de @Uptodown@twitter.com, organización de diez... y vaya almuerzo para rematar el último día, no me entra la cena

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EU ambassadors approved the final text one hour ago, there were no interventions.

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The Commission will be prepared to act against any violations made by “gatekeepers” — a classification that includes Meta, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon —

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The EU could start enforcing rules to regulate Big Tech in spring 2023 theverge.com/2022/5/8/23062666

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We’re making some changes to our FAQ "Why is device neutrality important?". Including the feedback we received from you via Twitter and Mastodon. What do you think we should cover? deviceneutrality.com/faq/

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We have the tools at our disposal to promote a free, fair & competitive app marketplace and to debunk unfounded security claims from tech giants looking to maintain their monopoly. Developers deserve a chance to compete. Pleased to work with @appfairness@twitter.com


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Connected services as well as the software on connected devices and applications must offer interoperability and full functionality of a device's initial purpose with the use of Open Standards.

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Users have the right to freely choose between service providers to connect their devices with. Services as well as the software and applications must offer interoperability and full functionality of a device's initial purpose with the use of Open Standards.

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Yes. Users have the right to freely choose operating systems and software running on their devices. We need the universal right to install and develop any operating system and software we want on any of our devices.

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Even after purchase, customers do not really own their devices. They are not able to do what they want with their very own devices. If you cannot install the software you want on your own device – you don’t own it.

First step of our journey to freedom. Building a movement for and the future of the Open Internet deviceneutrality.com/


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