Hey fellow #OpenBSD #cwm users: How do you handle multiple monitors with cwm? cwm seems to just allocate both monitors as "one giant space" which looks awkward.

Is there a workaround? Xinerama maybe? Something else?

@mulander @bcallah @devnexen @brynet

#openbsd gamers - #Chasm is a metroidvania indie gem released *today* that runs on OpenBSD with sound and gamepad support - first fully running commercial game of 2018! Steam library needs to be replaced with a stub, but that's all! Then just run #fnaify on it and you're good to go!


today I start to update the docs

clang.llvm.org/docs/UndefinedB first but couple of sanitisers forgot there were not only Linux

and yes ... things are changing ;-)

"Do "Return stack refilling", based on the "Return stack underflow" discussion and its associated appendix at support.google.com/faqs/answer
This should address at least some cases of "" and earlier variants; more commits to follow." marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=153

confirm other people experience seems a nice alternative even though has caveats but at least simple (never considered gitlab, at work it breaks often).

First time participating (nearly) new language specs. A bit initimidating, I do not know much about 🙂

now uses ld.lld by default with ubsan. Finally is able to launch ubsan minimal unit tests (finally...). WIll try to bring openbsd build slave !

now default login.conf limits are not necessarily enough since few weeks to compile.

migrated from xfce4 to cwm. Life much simpler now :-)

#OpenBSD gamers and those who want to learn a bit about what's possible in terms of #gaming on OpenBSD, mark your calendars for next Saturday at 20:00 UTC! I will stream a few games, show how to get them to run, and answer questions.


well, (slim) EuroBSDcon talk proposal submitted. I've been meaning to do a "deeper" dive and comparison of the FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD network stacks and packet filters.

what better excuse than for (possibly) speaking about it in front of hundreds of (new) friends?!

another language might not too known github.com/ziglang/zig

Coroutines, type inferences ... most visible is calling C without much boiler plate.

We ll see how it goes ...

A bit productive week : first tiny push in OpenBSD userland (did not happen since a while ...), xargs command line. Another tiny change to a nice FOSS game, Lugaru. A bit of commits to radare(2). Again LLVM here and there next step I try to achieve is to be able to launch ubsan unit tests (at least). We ll see 🙂

Where else but @bsdcan will you see @michaeldexter and Rod Grimes wearing #OpenBSD shirts and @HenningBrauer wearing an “I ❤️ SYSTEMD” shirt?

PHP 7.3 alpha for soon with improvement for explicit_bzero (for non OpenBSD oses) among other things (used for various hashes/crypto purposes).


dear dubliners, here relaying a sysadmin role

Does not happen every day ...

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