back to static code analysis a little, I missed a bit 🙂

First full build with my OpenBSD/ThinkPad, it s great ... too bad we need to "ignore" ROP counter measures due to lengthy openbsd.randomdata section ...

I'm looking for a great new colleague and FreeBSD kernel hacker to support us with ZFS project, RT please.

for next version, implemented self:// plugin for the 3 main BSD flavors. FreeBSD port will be soon updated to 3.0.1 and next should be OpenBSD.

Migrating OpenBSD to new Thinkpad E565/AMD Ryzen 7. My first Thinkpad so far and like the keyboard pretty much !

If you are interested in setting up a #BSD Assembly for #35c3 with us, you can join chat with us at #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #HardenedBSD

for 3.0.0 will be capable to distinguish golang, rust binaries, c/c++ with LLVM blocks support in addition of the endless bugfixes.

Little program for these days : Just committed Efficiency sanitiser support for FreeBSD (half of it to be precise) waiting patiently buildbot reports to push later the frontend part ... Then maybe my little stack clash reporter ... we ll see 🙂

patrick@ changed gnu/usr.bin/clang: Add infrastructure to compile and link LLDB. Inspecting core files works, but actually running stuff probably won't. ok kettenis@

while doing my usual coding, listening new Equinoxe infinity album ... for a moment thought it was Vangelis ... wanted to try epic ambiance one time at least I guess 🙂

@sehnsucht It's hilarious to sit in places like Starbucks where all the hipsters are pecking away at their Macbooks while I'm there with my T430s. I often feel like a crow amid doves.

Every once in a while one of them looks over my shoulder and sees me bashing out prose on OpenBSD with a bare cwm session and Emacs. They act all shocked even though they're doing the same thing I am in apps like iA Writer or Ulysses.

The only real difference is that I'm not beholden to Apple.

Now I was able to update/fix the only LLVM/Zorg openbsd slave, hope it will work better this time 🙂

after a great kernel/userland sanitization talk from kamil then the not less great ROP gadget removal on openbsd from Todd about to enjoy monitoring FreeBSD and FreeBSD graphics afterwards.

great first part with was also my first talk , people were really more interested into fuzzer rather than xray instrumentation (even though some quickly realised its interest), got much more questions afterwards and so on ... no regrets having porting this months ago 🙂

Hey fellow #OpenBSD #cwm users: How do you handle multiple monitors with cwm? cwm seems to just allocate both monitors as "one giant space" which looks awkward.

Is there a workaround? Xinerama maybe? Something else?

@mulander @bcallah @devnexen @brynet

#openbsd gamers - #Chasm is a metroidvania indie gem released *today* that runs on OpenBSD with sound and gamepad support - first fully running commercial game of 2018! Steam library needs to be replaced with a stub, but that's all! Then just run #fnaify on it and you're good to go!

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