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David Carlier @devnexen@mastodon.social

well, (slim) EuroBSDcon talk proposal submitted. I've been meaning to do a "deeper" dive and comparison of the FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD network stacks and packet filters.

what better excuse than for (possibly) speaking about it in front of hundreds of (new) friends?!

another language might not too known github.com/ziglang/zig

Coroutines, type inferences ... most visible is calling C without much boiler plate.

We ll see how it goes ...

A bit productive week : first tiny push in OpenBSD userland (did not happen since a while ...), xargs command line. Another tiny change to a nice FOSS game, Lugaru. A bit of commits to radare(2). Again LLVM here and there next step I try to achieve is to be able to launch ubsan unit tests (at least). We ll see 🙂

Where else but @bsdcan will you see @michaeldexter and Rod Grimes wearing #OpenBSD shirts and @HenningBrauer wearing an “I ❤️ SYSTEMD” shirt?

PHP 7.3 alpha for soon with improvement for explicit_bzero (for non OpenBSD oses) among other things (used for various hashes/crypto purposes).


dear dubliners, here relaying a sysadmin role

Does not happen every day ...

Did a how-to video about #StardewValley on #OpenBSD, testing my fauxrec screen recording script in 1080p at the same time.


I'm overall happy that the recording is reasonably performant. Gotta figure out the microphone noise issue, but otherwise this seems pretty good to me.

Does anyone have experience with installing or on the iMac11,2 model?

finally someone stepping into updating the port (even though the real release version does not exist (yet)). We ll see how it appeals :)

Interested in PostgreSQL on FreeBSD? Try this OS patch which gives a substantial improvement in number of operations per second. Let us know how that works out for you. reviews.freebsd.org/D15430

Job search: “Software engineer (Dipl-Inf. TU), ~30y of experience (C/C++, Pascal, Fortran…), compiler writer, application developer, creator of device drivers, user of 1k-1T memory spaces and bit banger seeks employment (Berlin & D). If possible, no windows.”

Asking for a friend, please boost.

at the moment taking a pause with LLVM and back to fundamentals a bit, fixing video games and ports.

@bcallah @thfr Nevertheless anyway happy it will get imported was looking after it since last year thx for your insights.

@bcallah @thfr Bizarre I did not need to use datadir (I changed the perm of asset to be readable for my user (e.g. it stats the presence of the files))

@devnexen @devnexen

Boost this:

#Barony on sale for $4.99 on #GOG (latest version 3.1.4 now available). Barony is a first-person rogue-like dungeon crawler with multiplayer


.com it is in motion ... a bit of patience 😉

strlcpy/strlcat checking at static analysis level, first step accepted, did small patches for Xorg we ll see how it goes 🙂