I have strong opinions (weakly held) on how shell scripts should look, but often violate my own principles when rushing to complete a task -- this writeup is a good reminder of key points!


The final post in my series on shipping Node apps via AWS ECS... this time fully automated with Terraform!


I've never done one of these, but couldn't think of a better cause. Please help our small, under-funded, volunteer fire department stay safe while helping one of our poorest communities deal with COVID.


My latest blog post walks through configuring ECS clusters, services and tasks -- everything required to get your containerized Node.js app running in the cloud!


In my latest post on shipping containerized Node.js apps using AWS ECS, we tackle the ominous Task Definition. Check it out, while staying safe and sheltering at home!


Securing your Node.js app doesn't have to be hard... In this article I show how to integrate with the Keycloak IAM gateway:


You don't have to slow down to shift left... The right tools are essential to moving fast responsibly, and often right under your nose (and free)!


Back in the UK temporarily to find some past purchases waiting for me

@devopsdreams we didn't find a non hacky way so we updated the modules in questions (luckily it was only 6-7). I hope there will be a command line flag in the future

Adding #Vue.js to my #DevOps toolbox to create lightweight web front-ends for my automation systems. It's straightforward and has a short learning curve. Very recommended: vuejs.org/ This is my GitLab repository to use with the course I'm getting about: gitlab.com/josebamartos/the-co

A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

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