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Remembered it was nearly Halloween so booted up City of Heroes last night for a little door-knocking fun, but I haven't played in like 6 weeks and there was some event running with flag points and there were zombies and I was like, "I am too old and too high to figure out what is happening here" so I played Portal 2 for the 100th time then went to sleep. 😴

What do you use ?

sometimes it drives me nuts but overall I still ❤️ git

Tor-focussed :tor: operating system Tails 4.0 released:

– updates for Linux kernel (5.3.2), Tor Browser (9.0), Tor, and many other packages
– KeePassX is replaced by KeePassXC
– Tails 4.0 should be more user-friendly, faster, and require less space
– Thunderbolt devices are supported now

#tails #tor #torbrowser #privacy #anonymity

It's slowly turning around, but historically unicorns (and the rest of us) spent way too much time talking about success stories and too little sharing failures (how many failures are required to achieve one big success?)... I'm really liking this repo of Kubernetes learnings from failures -- read, enjoy, and share your own!

#Nonblocking #udp based bitstreams will decrease #website / #application loading times over the internet.

#HTTP/3 is the designated name for the coming next version of the #protocol that is currently under #development within the #QUIC working group in the #IETF

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