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Alright, let's settle this #mastodon! I'm sure our friends on #linux, #dev, #developers, #devops have a dog in this fight! Please share!

Who would have though that in 2019 I would still be messing around with Makefiles #devops

When people say that services are awesome because there are specialists securing it.

But those specialists also leave their database unsecured.


Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public


Come visit us this week at booth 312! We'll be there alongside our partners @MancepsAI to talk , and tweeted by @ubuntu

I've spent the whole weekend with CodePipeline and Lambda functions for the continuous deployment to EKS. Also, I have managed to build EKS cluster without using Terraform module so I have 100% control over the whole infrastructure.

Exhausting but very successful weekend. I will be talking about this stuff in Bucharest soon so I'll definitely share some slides or source code. Are you interested in more details?

Fedora 31 is coming out soon, and uses cgroup v2 by default, which is incompatible with docker. Here's a good guide explaining how to revert back to cgroup v1.

#fedora #linux #docker #devops

Build safe-to-fail experiments by increasing the observability of the interaction between infrastructural components.


The Outer Worlds has a tonal atmosphere that emphasizes how broken the Halcyon colony is, yet still leaves room for joy and prosperity.

It walks this line successfully in a way that makes it doesn't seem like a silly game trying too hard to be serious (like fucking borderlands 2) and isnt a serious game with rare relieving moments of silliness (fallout 4)
TOW is a post-apocalypse full of life and vibrancy with folks actively working for liberation and independence from regressive systems

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Remembered it was nearly Halloween so booted up City of Heroes last night for a little door-knocking fun, but I haven't played in like 6 weeks and there was some event running with flag points and there were zombies and I was like, "I am too old and too high to figure out what is happening here" so I played Portal 2 for the 100th time then went to sleep. 😴

What do you use ?

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