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What do you think of the feedback
@bastillebsd received recently?

Simple enough for a newbie.
Strong enough for a long-beard.

#SRE folks and #DevOps fedizens - contact me if you're looking for a job in a Fortune 500 company!

Two last pieces of the #HardenedBSD build #infrastructure to do and we'll be 100% recovered:

Deploy #LetsEncrypt on our primary mirror.
Deploy a public #rsync for public and private usage alike.


Just finished reading β€œThe Unicorn project” which is the successor to β€œThe Phoenix project” both by Gene Kim. It was very good.

Those are great books if you’re interested in #devops culture.

You can control your , but it's hard to keep track of nodes and parameters? How do you start this on boot? How do you share this? Answers are in part 5 of @rainveil's series about creating your first robot with the Robot Operating System (). tweeted by @ubuntu


Alright, let's settle this #mastodon! I'm sure our friends on #linux, #dev, #developers, #devops have a dog in this fight! Please share!

Who would have though that in 2019 I would still be messing around with Makefiles #devops

When people say that services are awesome because there are specialists securing it.

But those specialists also leave their database unsecured.


Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public


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