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An extendable WordPress custom theme for youngStartup Ventures: [...]

Extending Google Sheets With JavaScript: Part II

Hi guys! I'm still working on putting together the whole tutorial with the scheduler - but it proving to be a task to explain all the steps. I have to do this in my spare time, and I also need to actually make progress in learning Nazir. I really only have about 25 minutes a…[...]

Extending Google Sheets With JavaScript: Part I

I do not hate Google Sheets. Perhaps you have used it before. It's rather similar to Microsoft Excel - except that I do not hate it - I hate Excel :-) One of the features of Google is that, besides the robust set of formulas it comes with, with a little JavaScript, you can really…[...]

youngStartup Ventures Event Sites

A custom CMS and Event template for youngStartup Ventures, made in object oriented PHP. Generates 3 different event types (New York, New England, and West) with custom CSS and event details for each one. Object oriented PHP. Custom CMS admin center for updating site for easily updating the site. Appealing and responsive design (uses Bootstrap…[...]

דער פאלטאווער עילוי

Rabbi Yoel Shurin - the Poltava Illui - was a talmid of the Netziv and the Rosh Yeshiva of yeshivas Ohr Torah. I found this article about the Poltaver Illui in the Yiddishe Licht. And here in the publication Beis Yaakov. Also, a קשה he asked in בבא קמא is brought in אבן האזל. Some historical…[...]

Misplaced Loyalties: Part IV

Correction: Previously, I had written that the Ohr HaChaim was a 15th Century commentator. He is a seventeenth century commentator. (I subtracted instead of added to the 1600s.) Let's examine some of the more salient points of the Ramban we mentioned in the last post here. The Ramban claims that the verse in Deuteronomy 17:11…[...]

Misplaced Loyalties Part III – The Radical Views of Nachmanides

Let's just come right out and say it! In addressing this conflict between the Sifrei and the Talmud - which says that one could err in his understanding of the commandment to listen to the Sages - we are focusing on something profound. This commandment, to heed the words of the Sages, is different than…[...]

Misplaced Loyalties: Part II

Now that we have seen the sources here - we can begin understanding when we say it is a liability to rely on the authority of the Sages and when one is obliged to do so. First, we should quickly note, that the Sages we are referring to here are the Sanhedrin. Let's start with the…[...]

The 8.58 Hour Workday

I've discovered, after finally crunching the numbers with hr, that my contract requires me to work 8.58 hours a day. :-( I find it rather hard to calculate when 8.58 hours (approx. 8 hours and 34 minutes) from the minute I walked in everyday is - so I have devised this little pen to figure…[...]

Misplaced Loyalties: Part I – Sources

First, Some Sources: Regarding translations: The translations of Biblical verses are usually the King James Version The translations of the Bavli Talmud are usually (Note that I did not necessarily review or agree with the translation). Since I have not found an open-sourced quality translation of the Rambams, Midrashim, Yerushalmis etc - all such…[...]

A Change of Scenery: Avraham's Journey

If you don't change direction, you may end up where you're heading.Chinese Proverb (attributed to Laozi - probably falsely IMHO) The Question Part: Our sages tell us that when it says in Parshas Bereishis אלא תולדות שמים וארץ בהבראם - it means that the heavens and earth were created "for Avraham".[...]

Same Ubuntu, With MATE

I've installed a variety of Linux distributions (distros) as virtual machines in VirtualBox and I am experimenting with them. That said, if I can avoid changing distros and rebooting Linux from scratch, losing all my programs, files and configurations, that would be ideal. ( Of course, I would back up my files and can reinstall…[...]

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