Hey, Barry, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.


Yo, Barry, I'm here and thought I'd say hello, if that helps you with your project. Best wishes.

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somebody make a browser extension that changes every mention of 'amazon' to 'bezos hell,' thanks in advance

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Godot is kind of a fuck on small displays and that's making laptop work mildly inconvenient

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Oh hecc
this is very interesting.

So basically in #China they have a very common expression for "can't do anything about it". I've heard that #Russia has a similar thing where they refer to certain rules and such with a similar #apathy.


"China's "No solution Don't care" culture"

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Still finding new pieces of myself every day. Change is the only guarantee in this life. Feels easy some days, and more difficult on others. - FL 🐞

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Dog: I want outside.
Me: You have your own door.
Dog: But when I use it, I get rained on.
Me: What do you think will happen if you go out the human door?
Dog: It won’t be raining.
Me: The doggy door is not the source of rain!
Dog: You can’t prove that.
#dogs #pets

Empty rocking chair
Someone told me to take care
Wishing gets you everywhere

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Y'all, I'm reading this fic and I legit can't figure out whether the writer is working with a language issue of some stripe or is fucking with me personally. They just described 'almost ripping the sleeve off of a vest'.

Favorite Altered Carbon quote so far ....

Ortega: You don't even drink.

Abboud: I'm a Muslim, not a monk. I don't begrudge you infidels a little mood modification, especially if it makes you lay off your crazy conspiracy theories.

My roommate gave me two stamps last night, so today I can mail the contract back to the online magazine. Whoo-hoo! I'm a professional blogger!

Woke up early this morning and raring to go. Must put my gentle shroud around the tiger.

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Every day is full of choices. How do you choose to interact with others? How do you choose to care for your self? How have you chosen your reality? - FL 🐞

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The short Jardin du Luxembourg in the snow video should be available here (hopefully higher quality as it finishes processing): youtube.com/watch?v=kGC6ff1arJ

What do people want to see first:

1 - The rest of the Jardin du Luxembourg video (30 minutes)
2 - The facade of Notre Dame (3 minutes)
3 - The front of Hotel de Ville (3 minutes)
4 - Le Tour Saint Jaques (3 minutes)
5 - A walk though some touristy streets in Paris (4 minutes)

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I got about 40 minutes of walking around le jardin du luxembourg now that they opened it up. Hopefully some of that turned out better than what I got earlier.

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I will of course post a link when I upload it. I still haven't found any place other than youtube where I can do this so sorry about the coming youtube links.

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There is a new KDE Slimbook available as from today. The KDE Slimbook II comes with CPUs that are 15% faster and RAM that is also faster than the prior version by 33%. The dual hard drive bay gives you room for a second hard disk, and its bigger multi-touch touchpad supports gestures and clicks.

The larger antennas give you better WiFi reception and a wider range and, to top it all, for a short period of time, you can buy it cheaper than the KDE Slimbook I.


I started leaving the phone next to the bed instead of on my desk, and now I can lie here socializing and wait for people to get out of the kitchen so I can get my coffee in peace.

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Who called it mental health care and not braintenance

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