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I have started seeing a lot of facebook ads on youtube and some android apps

looks like its desperate...

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Canadian researcher Dr. Evelyn Forget says guaranteed income “works as an antidepressant.”

"Hospitalizations due to mental illness fell as much as 8.5 percent” during a UBI trial in the 70s. Today, depression rates are climbing along with inequality. The U.N. agrees that we need to focus less on chemical imbalances and more on power imbalances."

(via Vice, FWIW)


#mentalhealth #ubi

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We are pleased to announce that GNOME has moved completely to GitLab. This move will herald a new era in GNOME software development. See the news! https://www.gnome.org/news/2018/05/gnome-moves-to-gitlab-2/

And in case you like videos, check out: http://bit.ly/gnomeandgitlabvideo
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We all need a free alternative to YouTube!

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

PeerTube is currently in beta version, that's why @Framasoft needs your help to pave the road to version 1.0!



(Framasoft is a small french non-profit, so do not hesitate to Boost this Toot to non-french user and invite them to help us fund PeerTube v1)

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In other words, software development can be done outside a capitalist context to a much greater extent than material forms of tinkering. Coding is not an expensive hobby: only the free-time component applies. Even a fairly weak form of UBI could give a big boost to free software, because most available software (still) is not developed by businesses or for business purposes but as a hobby by hobbyists who expect nothing in exchange.

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"...I've always lived cheaply. I live like a student, basically. And I like that, because it means that money is not telling me what to do. I can do what I think is important for me to do. It freed me to do what seemed worth doing. So make a real effort to avoid getting sucked into all the expensive lifestyle habits of typical Americans. Because if you do that, then people with the money will dictate what you do with your life. You won't be able to do what's really important to you."


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After a fairly involved discussion on Twitter regarding Slack and the many #FOSS alternatives, I've finally got my act together and published a blog post I've been sitting on for ages: davelane.nz/why-slack-better-a

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@ajroach42 I read what you wrote but have not dug through all the responses, so please forgive me if I say something that's already been mentioned.

I think a lot of the problem is that the nature of the people programming computers has changed. Back in the 60s-80s, nearly everyone writing software was a tinkerer. Nowadays "programmers" are mass produced, and by and large they are neither tinkerers nor engineers; they are laborers.

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Inside of every giant, growth-hacked company is a tiny, sustainable company that was utterly destroyed in the name of earning capitalists more money.

First impression of

I like that it doesn't track the links one follow/click. I was quite annoyed by the twitter' t.co/.. redirects and tracking.


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