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Opens New Forum for Discussions

The until now used TJC website will be replaced with a new discussion forum. The new forum should provide a better platform for developer collaboration since TJC has not been the optimal forum for serving developers’ needs. The new website includes several sub-forums which allow discourses and deeper analysis for every type of discussions.

- Official Jolla Blog post: blog.jolla.com/new-forum-for-s

- Visit the new forum: forum.sailfishos.org/

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@dgiffin @mariusor @sailfishosnews

sure! just wanted to provide some support if needed, in case I don't respond on mastodon fast enough :)

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@dgiffin @cybette @sailfishosnews I think the Sony Xperias are the supported way. If you're willing to invest the time, you can check the wikis (dunno the links on the top of my head) for devices that run it but are not officially supported (like Cybette's F(x)tec PRO1).

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Apple Unveils Details for WWDC 2020

Today Apple unveiled the some details about their annual World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC. Previously, Apple announced that the conference would be all digital. At the time, the did not provide many details except that there would be a Keynote and a State of the Union. Today we received some more details. Let us look at a few different areas, including Ke


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, love and be loved X

Next choices for our Sunday film night: Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049!

Hmm, looks like the next three Sunday film nights will be Despicable Me 1, 2 & 3 :-)

We’ve come to the end of our film extravaganza but as a treat will be watching “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”, yes it’s from 1961 but it is a masterful classic of the genre, and so very British, low-key, depressing and bleak!

This Sunday’s film will be “The Creature From the Black Lagoon”, with a tagline of “Creature from a million years ago!... every man his mortal enemy... and a woman's beauty his prey!” my expectations are high!

This Sunday’s film will be “It Came From Outer Space”, as the original advertising explained, “NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE!”.

This is a seriously good film, far better than I expected, recommended!

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This Sunday’s film will be “The Incredible Shrinking Man”, a film that has been the inspiration for more subsequent films and TV episodes of various sorts than I can think of!

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