Hey guys, how are you doing?!

Do you already know about the alternative gmail client named client?

You can find it on @fdroidorg app.

You can use pgp encryption, it's amazing.

Share it, someone can use.

@fdroidorg @dgl I use #K9Mail everyday and it's working great.
It don't work with an #Hotmail or #Outlook account, a good reason for stopin' use those kind or #Mail provider 😉

@fdroidorg Yah, here it happen once...then disappear rs, it's OK.

@dgl @fdroidorg wow! I didn't know this. I was considering implementing a mobile version of enigmail.


@dgl @fdroidorg
does not implement language text standards, although there are a bunch of outstanding bugs on the subject.

@dgl @fdroidorg
I was wrong. I checked and the developers keep closing issues, but not resolving them. The built in AOSP mail client, by just sticking to the standards, gets rtl right, although it's really bare bones. I'd love to use but can't like this.

Yeah but sadly, it will be my last contribution to that project. I cannot promise anything.

@ButterflyOfFire @dgl @fdroidorg
That issue is about translations. No problem there. But presents all text aligned to the left, instead of presenting it by bidirectional text standards.

@dgl Better still, the K-9 Mail/OpenKeychain combination is NOT impacted by the recently publicized EFAIL encrypted message exfiltration vulnerabilities, according to their full technical paper, related to K-9's lack of support for S/MIME.

@dgl There is also R2Mail2 with internal GnuPG support an it is #efail tested.

@aznorth @fdroidorg

@dgl @fdroidorg
You can also use one of the other mails that has not been attacked like mailfence or protonmail

The author is somewhat hostile and has idiotic ideas about what an email client should be. K9 is weak and will be hopefully replaced in time with a mobile Thunderbird.

@dgl @fdroidorg "alternative gmail client"? It's just a imap/pop mail client lol nothing gmail specific about it. I love it :)

@dgl @fdroidorg Such a great option, the only fact i don't like about it it's the UI, the interface, i used to use Material K9, but it's abandoned so i also abandoned the fact of use an email client on my smartphone, i really hate write on it and i prefer much more use the PC with Thunderbird/KMail or even web clients to check it and redact/send emails. But still it's a really nice option, the FOSS option for Android by default.
Greetings ^^.

@TakuyaSama @fdroidorg , Ya, i like some minimalist. I used because it's work greatly. Sent quick words efficiently.

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