Gonna try to start using this again more. If any of my followers are still active, follow recommendations would be great!

Current status: laying in bed hungover wondering if the room seems to be moving because my eyes are wandering or if it's happening in my head.

I've got people coming over for memorial day today, and it's going to be awesome. I've got 5 racks of ribs, 2 chickens, 3 pounds of pasta for mac and cheese, and 4 pounds of corn for cajun corn.

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@dgonyeo My mom was taught how to text by the jr. high school girls at the school where she teaches. It's half emoji, and looks absolutely like a 13yo girl typed it. For some reason I find this adorable.

My mom just used an emoji without me even being aware she knew how and I'm very proud of her right now

It's real interesting seeing which of my friends get uncomfortable when I'm running around in a skirt, vest, choker, and lipstick

I'm still tired from moving and I really wish it was nap time right now

I also failed to put sunscreen on my legs on Sunday, and am now regretting this oversight.

Something I learned on Sunday: bobby pins are fucking magic. I had multiple large things on my head and even if a strong wind grabbed them they just wouldn't budge.

Confirmed: moving still sucks. At least I'm done with this move now, and it'll be the last one for a good long while.

Ah yes, the part where I'm on time and literally everyone else is a half hour late to dinner. Great.

I saw the term "memory swapiness" and it definitely sounds like a made-up thing. Turns out it's not.


Random thought for the day:

Burning hydrogen as a fuel source for e.g. cars. The initial state is liquid water, and the end state is gaseous water (with the water being separated in the middle). Hydrogen fuel sources are just modern day steam engines.

Steam is making a comeback.

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