So there's very little likelyhood this'll actually get seen by any of the current influx of people coming in off of Twitter, but I wonder what their initial reactions are to any of our other deliberate design differences are? Like, the only-hashtags searching, the no quoting, etc.?

@gaditb so I’ll be straight up, no quoting and the flat structure of threads kills me, personally. I love the weird stuff you can do with twitter threading and I think it supports multiple lines of thought better. Replying to something I quote RTd is also important to me. Searching for people is also pretty bad and for better or worse I can’t be fully here until the people from Twitter I follow are. Masto is good but also it’s trying too hard to be twitter except wen it isn’t

@coryw @gaditb I feel like I prefer flat-threading, but Twitter simultaneously rolled out their new threading just as they were getting into the business of suppressing tweets, so that could be why. Depending on which account you use on Twitter, you’ll be shown diff replies & some will be altogether hidden from you, regardless of blocking/muting.

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb It's annoying, but the way I read the situation on twitter is not that it's intentionally suppresing tweets as much as the fact that a single instance social site at that scale is an extremely impressive feat, which sometimes shows problems at the seams, and also they tend to think people following many accounts want a summary view (the "In case you missed it" sections). I've heard there's no filter if you follow 50 or fewer.

@coryw @gaditb they intentionally suppressed 48% of hashtagged tweets. They told Congress about it.

@gaditb @coryw but also the algorithm suppresses tweets from certain accounts from other accounts, regardless of muting or blocking.

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb Intersting! And it was proven not to be a database scaling issue such as back in the day when the first ultra-big accounts were forming and they posted an engineering blog about seeing @replies before an actual post in the timeline?

Any links with information about this?

@gaditb @dhammicmarxist

And, just thinking about it, there was no documentation that they did it to control potential influence from automated third parties that may have wanted to, idk, influence election results? (bots that inject themselves into every conversations matching certain words being one of twitter's bigger problems.)

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb

I think I worded my reply wrong, but at the end of the day it's their platform and everyone else I've consulted about it agrees filtering that particular content was probably the right thing to do.

It feels ironic being on mastodon and hearing from someone that they think twitter shouldn't have moderated something they did.


@coryw And fundamentally, I find it weird that you're even here if you're down with censoring random people who haven't violated the rules.

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