TIL the Japanese convenience store Lawson originated in Ohio
RT @nippon_en@twitter.com How a small dairy store from Ohio became one of the biggest names in the Japanese convenience store industry marketplace.org/2018/09/04/bus

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RT @spies_please@twitter.com: PRESENTING: YOUR 2018 CHAMPION!!!! @elonmusk@twitter.com fans are THE WORST!!!

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If any of you creators have Kiseki stuff at , please let me know. I'll definitely visit your table this weekend 👋

RT @brave@twitter.com: The Reddit AMA with @BrendanEich@twitter.com is now live! Brendan created JavaScript, co-founded Mozilla (restarting the browser wars), founded @brave@twitter.com, and brought us the @AttentionToken@twitter.com. reddit.com/r/BATProject/commen

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It's not about beating the person in front of you, it's about beating the person inside of you. Most people can't beat that person.

This educational game is so good, it has an important message that can make us better

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