♫ No one fights like Gaston
For your rights like Gaston
No one howls at the court day and night like Gaston
(I'm especially good at counter-demonstrating!)

If you really think about it we're all just flesh elementals I mean seriously

oh my goodness. winter... what a too fleeting concept. bring it back! bring it back!

A new fossil bed along the Qingjiang River in China, dating back to the Cambrian era (slightly earlier than the Burgess Shale), has turned out to be a treasure trove. Half the species found there haven't been previously described, and an incredible amount of soft tissue has been preserved, yielding unprecedented detail: arstechnica.com/science/2019/0

fun tip: scamming amazon is a victimless crime

Antlr says: "missing 'namespace' at 'namespace'" when parsing a trivial test document. Go home, Antlr, you're drunk.

I need to build a canal to my house. That would let me swim home.

Today I unironically used the term "wine-dark sea". What have I become?

The more I deal with the ActivityPub API, the more I hate it.

Today I discovered that most fields seem to be repeatable. They can just be singular, and the docs don't explicitly mention that. It's apparently part of JSON-LD that nobody should have wanted.

Kiam vi ne certas, ĉu hupo estas en Esperanto aŭ mallaborema hispana.

Work, negative 

I left early. It was, for me, a very loud party.

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Work, negative 

Office holiday party is scheduled for 6pm to 9pm. That... is long. And if I leave early, I get my HR person trying to guilt me about it.

Motorcycles with training wheels apply for patent

La patro de via geedzo estas la bopatro.
La vino de via geedzo estas la bovino.

Turns out I was looking at the regional power authority instead of the municipal power authority. Talk about egg on my face! Anyway, 2.5 hours left.

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