The more I deal with the ActivityPub API, the more I hate it.

Today I discovered that most fields seem to be repeatable. They can just be singular, and the docs don't explicitly mention that. It's apparently part of JSON-LD that nobody should have wanted.

Kiam vi ne certas, ĉu hupo estas en Esperanto aŭ mallaborema hispana.

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Are people who wear snowsuits called flurries?

Motorcycles with training wheels apply for patent

La patro de via geedzo estas la bopatro.
La vino de via geedzo estas la bovino.

Turns out I was looking at the regional power authority instead of the municipal power authority. Talk about egg on my face! Anyway, 2.5 hours left.

Power outage at my house entering the third hour. The power company has no listing for the outage on their website. It could last until 8pm, seven hours from now.

The Babe movie, but Babe is a coal miner who founds a union and then struggles to create a socialist workers party and enact broad labor reforms across the whole of the farm.

If I had words to make a society
I would sing one classless and free
We would work for the welfare of all
And by our sweat glorious we'll be

Just being all "A star shines on the hour of our meet'n, donchaknow."

I want fantasy games using a wider range of accents. Like forest elves using Kentucky style accents and frost elves talking like Minnesotans.

Is there a way to copy the entire NPM registry? I want to do some sophomoric data analysis.

The Discord app on Linux uses about a whole CPU core to render the "X is typing..." message.

Oh yeah is also good for seeing where the smoke is coming from, if you want something to shake your fist at.

Anyway I'm indoors and the entire Seattle area quality map has lit up yellow, with it expected to go orange within a few hours. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

🎜 No one naps like Gaston
With CPAPs like Gaston 🎜

Remember to take your drugs! Winners take drugs!

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