Now that the discourse around #Facebook begins to implicitly accept that it's declining or collapsing, it's become a sure thing. To help accelerate the decline, remind your friends and family of the services that Facebook owns that they should avoid along with the social network: #Instagram, #Whatsapp.
Remind them that #Google are just a more powerful Facebook.
Before they migrate to a new silo, and a new master.. let them know something new is growing over here on the Fediverse.

Are there any SFW-only instances that family might consider joining?

Not yet that I know of, and federation cuts both ways, so right now AFAIK people might see nearly anything even if their own instance is well policed.


I guess NSFW-only instances could be blocked, but for everything else it would have to be a per-account basis...

@dheadshot @cathal Maybe Mastodon could add a field to the profiles "posts nsfw content" (similar to the checkbox "this is a bot account"). Then it would be easy to filter those profiles out.

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