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A few personal tips:

👌 the Fediverse is NOT twitt*r! enjoy a more relaxed, courteous, benevolent way of interacting! you are part of it!

🤚 introduce yourself! also fill bio and post a couple "toots" before following people to have more chance they'll follow back..

👍 favourite and follow generously! This is how to create link around. No algorithm-god is spying on you, telling you who to follow, what to read! \o/

⚠️ many people care about CW... learn about that



Has there been another new influx? What caused it this time?

@jz @dheadshot

*Translation* of the post to English.

We have had many new accounts on mamot recently, due to a well-known trick promoting us neither desired nor hoped for.
Afterwards, the 2598 users are there, and I wonder if @admin (to which these 2598 are automatically subscribed ...) should give them a welcome message explaining quickly what mastodon is etc. ?

What do you think ?

Not bad for automatic translation. 😉 Although here "truc" should be interpreted as "event" rather than trick. (Truc is also generic like "thing")

"Due to a well-known event that gave us neither sought nor desired promotion"?
"Nonetheless 2,598 new users are here..."

This toot dates back from March 14th of last year, so I'm not sure what this well-known event is. It may be specific to France where the instance is located.
@jz @dheadshot

@normand @jz @dheadshot

LOL, Well, I was following a thread, and I guess I didn't look at the dates. HA!

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