My #PinePhone is here! (USB for scale) Loving tinkering with it so far and the form factor/build quality is actually quite nice. Can't wait to really start using it as a development platform, this device's future is looking great.

@dheadshot @kkremitzki

A Mobian (mobile project for Debian) Community Edition is likely in the future. 😄


@PINE64 @kkremitzki Is there a decent onscreen keyboard for any of the phones, or is it too early a stage for that? I like the default keyboard for , where almost all symbols are available on the "press-and-hold a key" system, autocorrect is local and swipe-type is available. When (if ever) will such a keyboard be added to one of your platforms?

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@dheadshot @PINE64 @kkremitzki

Yeah, I'm desperately waiting for a keyboard with gesture based typing, too. Hunt and peck is so slow! Haven't seen or heard of one yet. I think we'll need to wait until gesture based entry gets added to one of the current keyboards, which is likely to be a while, I'm guessing....

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