@SpindleyQ I'm having trouble accessing Marmots on an actual MS-DOS PDA - seems the monochrome screen doesn't show the highlighting of menu items and the menu doesn't entirely fit onscreen...

Designers: "Blue and green should not be seen without a colour inbetween".

These are my current and until today they were perfect, but now the left earphone cuts in and out. Sadly, I don't remember the model number or I'd look for New Old Stock replacements.

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Anyone noticed how much the Humble Bundle logo looks like a Swastika if you make it really small?

@fedilab I upgraded to 2.35.2 and now in getting blank squares where my avatar on my other accounts should be:

Who was it I was talking with last year about / displays? If they ended up following me, hopefully they'll see this.

I've been working on trying to get my display working as a console for my Pi, in the hope I can use it as a screen. This has involved writing a producer/consumer text input routine to cope with lag and then building my own terminal emulator essentially! It's still quite buggy but below is an example:

@fedilab This sill happens occasionally (though I'm not on the latest version so you nay have fixed it since):

I'm eating some old confectionery (bit I know but I've got to eat them or chuck them, they've been around for long enough).

These haven't even been made for a decade or so!

I'm trying to nurse a female back to health. I've given her some sugar water and she had some but then wandered away. Anyone have any other ideas?

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