Help, I cannot stop snorting at "it's a car in a very small tunnel"

Note that the plant was essentially fracking, but for heat rather than oil.

There needs to be a Doctor Who episode (or spinoff) showing The Master's regeneration from Eric Roberts to Derek Jacobi - it would fill a lot of holes...

South Korea accepts geothermal plant probably caused destructive quake

Jesus christ please tell me people aren't really getting mad about """clout"""

Clout πŸ‘‹ is πŸ‘‹ a πŸ‘‹ fake πŸ‘‹ idea πŸ‘‹

Soviet Military Intelligence Chief Golikov reassures Stalin: "while Britain remains undefeated, Hitler will never attack the USSR."

Italian Army Chaplains again asking Greeks in Albania for ceasefire, to bury Italian dead covering slopes of Monastery Hill. Greeks refuse, demand a full armistice.

The "Oops" caught my eye and I just thought of Britney Spears...

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