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27.7 billion "megadeal" for Slack.

"Toss in net losses of $147.6 million during the two quarters ending July 31, 2020, Slack’s uninspiring public valuation and its winding path to profitability and it was a sitting target for a takeover like this one. The only surprise here is the price."

Yeah, pretty sure that the days of free accounts are at an end.

Time to get your community eggs in order.

(Note: suggest alternatives at you own peril).

`jq` is the tool to know for anyone having to process JSON logs or data.

If you like `sed` you will like `jq`!

Is that to distribute on cassette and load on a ZX Spectrum?


I think you can mute a conversation without muting the person?

In this 1980s scratch and sniff book an off-duty McGruff performs warrantless searches on hapless shoppers

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Fallout 1 doesn't work with touchscreen in Windows :(

What is even the point of having a touchscreen then?

Can anyone recommend a privacy respecting virtual credit card operator that is operating out of Europe?

I thought I was going to use but after reading the privacy policy I was not really impressed.

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