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don't have enough HDMI cables? no problem, this cursed adapter allows you to use two RJ45 instead!

I'm surprised nobody commented on Lance being able to throw a lance which Lance can use after the lance lands in one spot to spin the lance whenever Lance spins until Lance runs out of magic and the lance disappears

I also want to enable pagination in the search API, as well as add some extra filtering options inspired by Discord, such as narrowing down your search by a date range.

API consumers feedback welcome.

Swansea's harbour is ablaze- by light of the burning city & a full "bomber's moon" it's almost as bright as day, though the air is thick with smoke.

Emerging new company starterpack by /u/super_corndog

running an emulator is just some sand dreaming of being some other kind of sand

Swansea is being bombed: the Welsh city is coming under brutal Luftwaffe assault, with German incendiaries being aimed at the city's oil storage tanks.

Luftwaffe dive-bomber attacks intensifying in Libya; vital supply port of Benghazi now blocked by wrecked Allied ships.

Sorry, I am late with the release. I worked on a server side solution for webmasters that want to use the custom share feature.
It's released here
It's an original idea of @crockwave

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