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bromosexuality, very very lewd 

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omg so i'm trying to log into my old hotmail from when i was a kid and the security question has me so fucked up, i don't understand it at all it's like it's written by charlie from iasip

Someone please buy my mixtape so I can buy a nerf sword

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this is the kind of fucked up shit my grandmother likes. just some real nasty-ass sicko stuff

What the fuck did uwu just fucking say about me, you widdle bitch? I'ww have uwu knyow I gwaduated top of my cwass in the Nyavy Seaws, and I've been invowved in nyumewous secwet waids on Aw-Quaeda, and I have uvw 300 confiwmed kiwws. I am twainyed in gowiwwa wawfawe and I'm the top snyipew in the entiwe US awmed fowces. You awe nyothing to me but just anyothew tawget. I wiww wipe you the fuck out with pwecision the wikes of which has nyevew been seen befowe on this Eawth, mawk my fucking wowds

You: Sad. Weak. No Gaymer bf.
Me: Strong as hell and knocking the sonic rings outta gaymer buss buss

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I just got blocked for my Father's Day post. It's disgusting to see how little y'all care about fathers :/

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Happy Father's Day👨👨 you know what that means? 😏😏 That's right 👉👉 It means you get to have some of 👨👨 daddy's cummies 💦💦👅👅😩😩 😫💦💕 1 cummy💦, 2 cummy💦💦, 3 cummy💦💦💦, 4💦💦💦💦 cummypalooza all 👏day👏 long 👏🙌🙌👅 You're 👨👨💘daddy's💘 👰💃special little 👑princess 💜! That's whyy💘💘💘 it's time to treat 😋🍭 him 👳 like a King!! 👑👑 and get on his throne 🍆🍆🍆 💦💦💦 send 💋💋 this to 10 of ur daddies👨👨 and get some of that thick cummies 💦💦tonight! 😋😋😝😝🍆

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only an idiot or a cuck would get married in a country where the legal and divorce system is anti-male and lets women steal men's bakugan.

I can really say anything I want and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me??? Wild!

My favorite part of the new FF7 Remake trailer was when Tifa looked directly into the camera and said gay rights

I finally got a chance to watch the Pokemon direct and I fucking love wooloo so much y'all

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