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Is there not a way to have one profile across multiple hosts on Mastodon?

So I've just imported my "follows" from to .social and now I'm getting notifications that all my friends have the tedious task of following me on .social

So much for Federation. 😉

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Seems a no-brainer to me? Make it so that you can log into any Mastodon instance using your profile thus having all your "Blocks", "Filters" and "Follows" in place so you can "Hit the floor running" when using a different hosting service.

I know it's not a great hardship but I just spent some time mirroring my profile from onto .social just in case goes down again.

@dick_turpin @Gargron You'd *think* it's a no-brainer, but your account's profile is tied to your username and domain.

It's one of the longest-standing issues, to the point I've memorized that it's issue #177 from having to refer to it so much. Major breaking changes will be needed before it can ever be done that seamlessly.

@trwnh @Gargron surely some sort of authentication token would suffice? With some sort of two-way syncing once you've logged into the new instance. Kind of like The Borg: "Assimilation"

I should point out I don't code, I don't understand the intricacies of Mastodon I'm just chucking out "Gifted Amateur" ideas. 😀

@dick_turpin @trwnh @Gargron can't be that hard, Hubzilla has been able to seamlessly move and clone for ages....

@beni @dick_turpin @Gargron Hubzilla also built it directly into their protocol (zot), which is fundamentally a permission system rather than a content protocol. (Every zot profile gets a globally unique 256-bit ID. Username/domain is only used to refer to that GUID, not profile. Each cloned profile points to the GUID, and to a private key used for servers decrypting its copy of that data.)

Mastodon identifies accounts by username/domain, and their UIDs are not globally unique.

@dick_turpin @Gargron this is the problem with federation - matrix has the same problem - they're federations of quite small instances, each with no geographical resilience etc and your user is unique to each instance; having some replication of your data between instances feels possible, but there's still a harder problem that when someone follows you they're only following one instance of you, so they don't see what your other you said.

@penguin42 @Gargron See that feels like everyone doing their own thing and yet claiming Federation simply because they have mastodon in their domain.

@dick_turpin @Gargron well federation does do *something* - I can subscribe between instances and we get the federated steam from a mix of servers

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