@jaller94 Oops. Missed this. I'm mostly on .org.uk so much for Federated. LOL

I use now to enable comments and to show likes and reshares on my otherwise static webpage. I wrote a small JavaScript and PHP script for it which you can find here: gitlab.com/BeS/hugo-sustain-ng Feel free to reuse it. 🙂

mmastodon,org.uk is down and has been since yesterday (Maybe longer?) I hope @xvilo isn't too stressed.

Hmm? Is mastodon.org.uk down? Can't seem too get on this morning. 😭

See, this is why I don't agree with this "Federated" tag people love to attach to FOSS services such as Mastodon. I had an email that said "You have 19 notifications since you last logged into mastodon.social" I bet all those people thought I was dead ignorant and yet it's because those notifications don't show up in my .org.uk account.

I mean, what account am I supposed to sit on all day????

Federated my arse.

Oh no! 500 internal error notifications. /me prays to the pond gods for mastodon.org.uk

@ada It just dawned on me that you might not have understood my comment, probably thought "What's that weirdo on about?"

We share the same Surname. 😎

@penguin42 @Gargron See that feels like everyone doing their own thing and yet claiming Federation simply because they have mastodon in their domain.

@maloki I usually look at a word and think "Is that right?" generally it isn't but I publish anyway. 😆

"What someone says is far more important than how they say it."

@bobstechsite@mastodon.technology @Gargron I quite like being on .org.uk seems like the correct choice given I'm, well, in the UK (LOL) I actually don't want a default account, I'd like to be able to log into ANY account and have all my stuff there a bit like email, as @twistedLucidity mentioned. It dosen't matter what client I use, Thunderbird, Evolution, Claws, Mutt so long as I put the right credentials in everything is there.
(Apart from my filters and address book. Hmm? That might be a bad example? LOL)

@bobstechsite@mastodon.technology @Gargron I suspect 'Capacity' would be the Achilles heel, having given my musings some further thought. In theory you would have to have every toot from every instance on every instance as well as all your lists, blocks, follows etc. That would probably make a lot of RasberryPi's fall over. 😆

@trwnh @Gargron surely some sort of authentication token would suffice? With some sort of two-way syncing once you've logged into the new instance. Kind of like The Borg: "Assimilation"

I should point out I don't code, I don't understand the intricacies of Mastodon I'm just chucking out "Gifted Amateur" ideas. 😀

Seems a no-brainer to me? Make it so that you can log into any Mastodon instance using your profile thus having all your "Blocks", "Filters" and "Follows" in place so you can "Hit the floor running" when using a different hosting service.

I know it's not a great hardship but I just spent some time mirroring my profile from .org.uk onto .social just in case .org.uk goes down again.

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*Originally posted on* mastodon.org.uk

Is there not a way to have one profile across multiple hosts on Mastodon?

So I've just imported my "follows" from .org.uk to .social and now I'm getting notifications that all my friends have the tedious task of following me on .social

So much for Federation. 😉

CC: @Gargron

Damn! mastodon.org.uk is down and guess who has not exported his followers?


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