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I'm gonna close this acct at the end of today (i am easily overwhelmed) so look fwd to seeing you there xo

hey team! I'm on now. If you cant get enough jokes about satan and brokeback mountain gifs, follow me there!

I never want to misgender anyone so just to be safe I refer to everyone as "chief", or "ace", or "boss", or "sparky", or "slick", or "tiger", or

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*in hell, shouting over the screams of the damned* ANYBODY GOT THE WIFI PASSWORD

I can’t sleep and it’s entirely my fault

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everyone on this website is a cutie but especially Show more

Dickie Greenleaf: A life in Brokeback Mountain gifs

when my boss tries to give me a hard time about taking my vacation during our busy season

Angel Heart had the hot detective action I'm looking for

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