I can't believe guns are legal in California but nunchucks aren't. something like 4 Americans a year get shot by their *dog*. I have yet to hear of a dog nunchucking a guy to death. that would have to be one badass dog

@dickiegreenleaf Getting married, getting divorces and annulments because of nunchucks and shurikens...

@dickiegreenleaf Don’t fall in love me, kid, I’m done with the martial arts, but the martial arts aren’t done with me😹

@dickiegreenleaf (I hear the last pit bull who messed with him just got out of the vet hospital a few weeks ago.)

@dickiegreenleaf i think they overestimated the number of people qualified to use nunchucks without hitting themselves in the face.

@dickiegreenleaf you know what's a little less dumb than nunchucks but still p dumb? butterfly knives are banned in california too! like who the fuck is gonna mug someone with an ornamental knife? ooo I'm so scared from your flipping it back and forth

@dickiegreenleaf I know the UK nunchuk ban (which I believe was on their depiction on TV or something) was actually because of the number of self-inflicted injuries during the 70s Kung Fu movie craze, not because of gangs of nunchuk-wielding thugs roaming the streets

@dickiegreenleaf The gun law is insane.. Its illegal here in the Netherlands and we almost have no shootings at all!

@dickiegreenleaf Give it time. Will probably arrive via "Florida man" headline.

@dickiegreenleaf Duh. do-ninjas leave no witnesses and cover their tracks.

For treats.

@dickiegreenleaf You wouldn't believe what the police will confiscate in the UK -- it doesn't even say these are illegal!

Toy guns become replicas become weapons(!)

@dickiegreenleaf California has tons of laws about knives, etc. It's totally a class-ism thing.

@dickiegreenleaf - showing nipples on TV is also an outrageous move, over there on your side of the pond. Wonder how many people have died by the nipple... :)

@dickiegreenleaf I have a cc permit for Washington state but it’s illegal to have a “dangerous knife.” makes no sense.

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