Peertube is shit. This happens all the time after a couple of seconds.

Keeping track of your expenses in Google Cloud Platform is amazingly easy.

It's interesting how many men must be experts at gender studies to have come to the conclusion that it's not a real science and thus shouldn't be taken seriously.

Dieser IC hat die selben Halte wie ein Regional Express. 🙄

Gebt mir Zugabteile ohne Durchsagen, zahle gerne mehr.

I'm pretty annoyed by sponsored ads by commercial VPN providers.

VPNs are the new virus scanners.

Everything even remotely touching the last 15 minutes of Endgame still gets to me.

Metallica's Reload is an awesome album. Come at me.

Culture is important. When people complain about a Game of Thrones scene being too dark, the cinematographer blames the viewer's screen. At Netflix, they test their own shows in a typical household configuration and make sure it's a great experience outside the studio:



Die Partei war einmal lustig. Jetzt ist es nur noch peinlich.

No more requirements.txt, no more pip. This feels much more like Ruby/Node tooling. Great developer experience so far.

i really wish the people who don't like the direction the new Star Wars movies are going would just obey these rules set down by Joss Whedon way back in 2005:

"If you *don't* like the movie, this is a time for quiet, for months of silent contemplation." (note time offset)

Not sure if Google Cloud Keynote or Kung Fu introduction:

Sitting outside my favorite Café, enjoying the sun, reading a book.

Suddenly, smokers sit down next to me.


What should I read to get a basic understanding of accounting? If possible, it should be general enough to be applicable in Germany without the book being from a German author.

Things that'll drive me off of Mastodon at some point:

* Birdsite-tweets auto-posted to Mastodon
* anti-tech rhetoric
* Free software/Datenschutz-Fundamentalists

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