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I think I'll give this another try for random thoughts.

I just noticed that I nuked my almost completed new Hugo-based website as well.

Do your git push, people.

Black Metal generated by machine learning trained on a Krallice album. Hail to our robotic overlords!

No backup, no pity.

It was a simple app and it'll be easy to rebuild. A "git push" would've saved me the trouble.

I just wiped 3 hours of development time for a Sinatra app because I played around with ChromeOS' Crostini without a backup. That was stupid.

I still don't care about anything that's happening in Star Trek Discovery. Season 2 is even more boring.

> This special code was ugly and error prone. This got us thinking: do we really need it? "ANY" is not a popular query type - no legitimate software uses it (with the notable exception of qmail).

RFC8482 - Saying goodbye to ANY

2,9km Heimweg. 3x beinahe überfahren worden. 7 Autos parkten auf Radwegen.

Bin froh, wenn wir Frühjahr haben.

Claiming that Chrome is the new IE 6 is either intellectually dishonest or plain stupid.

I'm still a big fan of Eliot Peper and True Blue was a remarkable short story of his. He now partnered with an amazing illustrator to make it even easier and more special to experience the story, right in the browser:

I like the plug-in management support in kubectl v0.12. Dope.

Regarding the recent Wired story about Revolut (see, I have decided to terminate my account. Which open source project is in urgent need of funding? I'll dump whatever is left on my account to it, if I like it.

GCP is deprecating support for some old OS-versions including some collection features for their Stackdriver Agents.

Of course, a year ahead. I really don't get that whole "don't go to GCP, because you never know if whatever you're using isn't being suddenly shut down."

It's just intellectually dishonest Google-phobia.

GCP generates money, Google Reader didn't.

I hate Visa 3D-Secure. It's slow, it looks like a shitty fishing site and I almost always forget the password I set, because I almost never use it.

Mediafire is a pure treasure. Whenever there's a Black Metal release that's not on Bandcamp or Google Play Music (or my imported library), it has been uploaded to Mediafire.

I already clicked on "Follow", why do I need to acknowledge my intent to follow someone *again* after providing my username?

Shitty experience.

I hate the process of following people on other Mastodon instances. As long as I need provide my username for each new instance (which my browser never autosuggests), this decentralization stuff is nothing but a mess.

Mein Arbeitgeber hat mich im Rahmen einer "Behind the scenes" Artikel Reihe interviewt:

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