I've been outside of mastodon for a while... it seems it is still running well 🧐

If you are skeptical or critical of (as I was a years ago), or if you know someone that is, I hope this article can answer some concerns and generate useful debate. Share it if you like it πŸ™‚

Any feedback is much appreciated!

English version:

I couldn't resist and created my account at @diegogurpegui

I guess I'll keep using both for now πŸ€”


@lopp wow... just wow... you introduced to me one of the coolest emojis :thinkerguns:

What the $BTC price did today 

@harding thanks for the advice!!...

@samouraidev @harding @hodlonaut this, exactly.

The focus should always be on the contribution, not the contributor. Like the message, not the messanger.
However, to avoid wasting time a little judgement based on reputation is expected

@samouraidev @hodlonaut Any project that allows pseudonymous contributions can't keep out particular contributors, and so my personal policy is that I'd welcome solid contributions from anyone no matter how awful I think they are.

But people who burned their past reputations should expect their opinions to hold a disadvantaged position in perpetuity compared to people who maintained their integrity throughout. And if they complain about that, they should be ignored.

@orionwl @surfrndk one of the results of a small group of people.

When this is swarming with people and bots we'll be back to Twitter 😐

I've seen a few trying to find a good mobile app for Mastodon, and I'm here using the web as an app (Android "add to home screen" feature) and it works extremely well. With notifications and everything.

@meedamian @lopp
I will be giving away 10,000 ...

No, sorry, I can't do it.

@harding @chrispalasz
Got it, thanks! I like some of the changes. I'll try to contribute if I can


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