It's a pity but I'm probably going to nuke It has been down for a few days now because something cracks up (mostly lack of storage even though it has 30G) and I have not the experience with Ruby nor the time to fix it. I don't even use it that much and that prgmr instance can serve me well running a Nextcloud instance, so...

I'll probably give it a shot again in the future, but will probably have to suffice for now.

Now that #Vermont is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.


Just about to import my follow list from @diegovicente ... For all those who follow me there, a follow in this new account is greatly appreciated! 😊

If anyone works with and know how to fix pagination, please, you're more than welcome to help in the Hugo's community

I'd be thankful if you could help (if something is needed, please reach me!)

Yesterday my Space Cadet keycaps arrived and now my Poker looks gorgeous 😍

In case someone is not familiar, Space Cadet tries to emulate old Symbolic keyboards that Lisp Machines had, so this is a beautiful and crossover!

twitter is bullshit, part n 

It turns out that org-mode calendar ends exactly on February 28th, 2037. Should we turn that day into doomsday prophecy like we already did with the Mayan calendar and 2012?

I finally made a coffee and decided to read Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (Chen et al. 2018); which re-formulates neural networks as differential equations so that they are based on continuous domains that can be trained using any ODE solver.

This results in better memory management, less parameters and better model reconstruction under certain circumstances. What a refreshing point of view, with really interesting possibilities.

Yet another year fulfilling the tradition: the Mini Cooper is this year's Lego! Including a picnic in the trunk, too

Folks, I just noticed that we are just one year away from The Happy Twenties! It's time to dance some swing!

I only just found out about the latest Zachtronics programming game, Exapunks! I’m watching a few Let’s Plays and it looks like TIS-100 if you removed the emphasis on concurrent programming, loosened the resource constraints and gave it the interface design of Shenzhen I/O.

I’d be playing this already if I didn’t have work in the morning! 😞


And here we go, let's start 2019 with new objectives! I crafted a reading list of books that focus in theoretical foundations instead of tools/frameworks to read this year

Lovely settlers of Mastodon; what is the best book about Statistics (as theoretical background behind ML/Data Science) that you can recommend? Extra points if it is completely [programming] language-agnostic!

Cool things from the world of Emacs might have never noticed:

Emacs has "input modes" to easily write characters that are not on your keyboard. Selecting an input mode via `C-x RET C-\` (or just `C-\` for the first time) you can choose for example "german-postfix", and write "waere" to get "wäre".

Among these modes is also "TeX", that allows you to type \alpha and get α, \iff and get ⇔, \~A, \aleph to get ℵ and get Ã.



I have written a short post reviewing all the changes I made to my configuration in 2018. I write about some hidden gems, as well as main chagnes in my text editing workflow:

Black Mirror Bandersnatch is sooo good. Not in like a life-changing way, but super entertaining and with a great 80s vibe. I have actually watched through all (5) endings and I have to say that there's one which is miles away from the others.

I just found this on a comment in and I'm already super happy with it: a uBlock Origin list to discard all cookie warnings, sticky bars, or css newsletter/register prompts!

Dear web devs: when writing regex to check email addresses, please, do take into account that a plus symbol is a valid character before the @!

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