Lovely settlers of Mastodon; what is the best book about Statistics (as theoretical background behind ML/Data Science) that you can recommend? Extra points if it is completely [programming] language-agnostic!

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@diegovicente not language agnostic, but I'm working my way through this:

So far the programming is largely confined to the exercises - the text is more about how the science works. Is good!


@gwmngilfen it was the one I had in mind, been reading good things about that book for a while and that is a great confirmation. Thank you!

@diegovicente Sorry, can't answer your question about data science.

For #civil #engineering , Probability Concepts in Engineering by Ang and Tang is good.

@diegovicente Shalizi's incredible Advanced Data Analysis uses R, but it's so close to being a pseudo-code thing that there is no friction.

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