Yesterday my Space Cadet keycaps arrived and now my Poker looks gorgeous 😍

In case someone is not familiar, Space Cadet tries to emulate old Symbolic keyboards that Lisp Machines had, so this is a beautiful and crossover!

I finally made a coffee and decided to read Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (Chen et al. 2018); which re-formulates neural networks as differential equations so that they are based on continuous domains that can be trained using any ODE solver.

This results in better memory management, less parameters and better model reconstruction under certain circumstances. What a refreshing point of view, with really interesting possibilities.

Yet another year fulfilling the tradition: the Mini Cooper is this year's Lego! Including a picnic in the trunk, too

And also, don't miss how Deepmind is using to predict and understand protein folding. Super interesting read!

And my today's insignificant afternoon task is done! Just changed the Twitter link in my blog's footer to Mastodon and added the tag for verification on the blog's end! It is a simple mechanism but well, it actually verifies quite well that this is indeed my main account

Renfe, the Spanish railway company, just released some files as open data in . Not only most of them are barely useful (lat-lon of different stations), but there are reasons to believe that they don't really know how this works:

Last day in Codemotion Madrid 2018! Today starring John Romero, Id Software co-founder and one of the developers of Doom. What an awesome guy

Great day one at Codemotion Madrid 2018! My favorite talk so far was David Cuartielles' (Arduino Platform co-founder); advocating for what's important!

Yes, finally up and running πŸ’ͺ . Stupidly geeky and oddly satisfying

There are some amazing street artworks next to the Strathclyde Campus in Glasgow. Also, the HDR in my phone is going a bit bananas on the scene

Glasgow is super pretty and after 48 hours there is no such thing as "drizzle" for me anymore; only "raining" or "good enough weather"

Just saw Michael's Atiyah's proof for Riemann's Hypothesis. It seems that it is not an absolute proof (and I've already seen some experts claiming that it does not hold) but it is *bold* just to try to prove it in barely three paragraphs.

Full pdf here:

I do not use Gmail as my personal mail service, but my company does and yesterday it updated to a new design which includes suggested answers to mails. Does someone actually like those? It feels like a shitty RPG dialog

Still fascinated with dimension reduction UMAP. By running a simple text analysis on 20K news headline, around 40K sparse columns are reduced to these two: colors are the themes of each headline (which are not included in the reduced dimensions)

This image represents numbers up to 1M, arranged using Leland Mcinnes' UMAP dimensionality reduction algorithm "so that numbers with similar prime factorisations are closer together than those with dissimilar factorisations" β€” Look all those beautiful patterns!


Also relevant: have you seen me brag about my super awesome Magit stickers? 😁

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I'm in a Xiaomi Store (yes, that is a thing now) and some names just make me chuckle

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