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#AdventofCode #aoc2018 

I almost forgot that in this old post ("The most difficult thing in Data Science: Politics") I compared data scientists who are unable to communicate to Anton Chigurh (remember "No Country for Old Men"?) and I have to say that it is pretty spot on!!

Anyone else find themselves using mastodon's favorite feature as a, "I want to reassure you that you're not just yelling aimlessly into the void, ' button?

I'm unofficially calling it the, 'I hear you' button from now on.

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One of my co-workers at SUMEX-AIM (Nick Veizades) built the mouse out of parts in his garage. When Doug moved his team over to SRI he left in in our lab. As far as I know it's still there - just laying on a table in the middle of a server room at Stanford. No sign or placard, really just laying on a table in the midst of a bunch of old spare parts.

Today is the 50 anniversary of "the mother of all demos", given by Douglas Engelbart. In 1968, he decided to skip 40 years of technological progress and introduce the internet, markup languages, the mouse, collaborative editors and videoconferences in just one hour and a half. Just amazing.

A medium dark roast certainly worked well.

However, I have a conundrum. If I roasted a bean variety and the results were terrible, I would obviously be motivated to try something different.

If the roasting works out fine, my experimenting usually ends. That means I might be missing an even better flavour by roasting more or less.

What would be useful is a coffee roasting wiki, with tasting notes. Tried searching for such a thing, but I didn't discover anything

And also, don't miss how Deepmind is using to predict and understand protein folding. Super interesting read!

#AdventofCode #aoc2018 

And my today's insignificant afternoon task is done! Just changed the Twitter link in my blog's footer to Mastodon and added the tag for verification on the blog's end! It is a simple mechanism but well, it actually verifies quite well that this is indeed my main account

First week of #AdventofCode #aoc2018 

Renfe, the Spanish railway company, just released some files as open data in . Not only most of them are barely useful (lat-lon of different stations), but there are reasons to believe that they don't really know how this works:

#AdventofCode #aoc2018 

Some people say I'm not productive, but here I am, running the clean cycle on my coffee maker a few times so it'll stop flashing "CLN" at me.

If I had other robots telling me what to do, I'd get even more done.

Last day in Codemotion Madrid 2018! Today starring John Romero, Id Software co-founder and one of the developers of Doom. What an awesome guy

Great day one at Codemotion Madrid 2018! My favorite talk so far was David Cuartielles' (Arduino Platform co-founder); advocating for what's important!

Well, it is final: this year I'm solving the Advent of Code in Clojure! I am trying to learn it and so far it seems like a beautiful and practical language.

I just realized how close I am to change my GitHub for my and my Twitter for my Mastodon account in my blog's footer and it made me *so* happy to realize that I don't rely on these corporations anymore 😄

I finally watched Hereditary (2018). Super good movie, but beware the feeling of despair and unease that you are going to feel for the rest of your Sunday.

Do you know how to say possum in Spanish?

If you don't, you should check it.

It's a great word.

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