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Latest polls put 's far-right @AfD ahead of @spdde for the first time ever.

And it risks sinking further into oblivion unless it radically transforms itself, writes @owendmccarthy diem25.org/germany-and-the-spd 

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The doesn’t exist in law. Yet their decisions affect the lives of millions of people in . This is unacceptable!

Let’s get to work for something better diem25.org/progressive-agenda- 

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Berlusconi? Renzi? Again?!
A sad look at the Italian elections and what they say about European democracy
By @l_marsili for @aljazeera

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Imagine if we had a European constitution drafted by European citizens

Well, guess what? We're starting the process and you're invited to join in.
But hurry! Deadline: March 15 diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/ 

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Support our Thunderclap campaign calling on everyone to on !

Will you join us? 43 left to go. SIGN thunderclap.it/projects/67985- 

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In the snowstorm yesterday @ demo - with @brauchtbewegung & joint claims. @DiEM_25

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Aktivistinnen und Aktivisten heute auf der Anti-Siko Demo in München. Mit Diem25 München1DSC, @DiEM25R , @diem25ndb und vielen vielen weiteren Aktiven, Parteien und Organisationen.

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This is : 2 Years On 70,000 members 100+ grassroots groups worldwide 4 National Collectives

Our are changing ! Join them diem25.org/two-year-anniversar 

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This is : 2 Years On 70,000 members in more than 200 countries worldwide 100+ grassroots volunteer groups 4 National Collectives

Our are transforming ! Join them diem25.org/two-year-anniversar 

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Tom and me from @DiEM_25 speaking about the necessity of @ . Protest isn't enough, no protest neither

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On February 24, @WashaAgnes (Coordinating Collective member) will host a Facebook live video chat with Antonin Horcica and @vonpecka, Vice-President of the Czech Pirate Party.

Got questions? Post them as comments here facebook.com/diem25.official.p 

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Historic day for @DiEM_25: first time more than 70,000 Europeans across Europe supported a local initiative @nedavimobgd running for local elections in , in a country which is not even part of the . We will be more and we are going beyond Europe! @yanisvaroufakis

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Have you been following the situation in ?

This is why direct rule from is in NO WAY good for the country diem25.org/tired-political-gam 

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Heard of Viktor ?

Yes, 's Prime Minister who once said that are 'poison' and not 'needed' .

He's back in the news, for all the wrong reasons... diem25.org/corruption-in-the-u 

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Is truly recovering? According to @paulkrugman, yes, with the exception of .

But is this 'economic recovery' rather than the few? Doubtful.

Learn more diem25.org/is-europe-truly-rec

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DiEM25 is history in the making – and you could also be part of it!


Here's how diem25.org/diem25-is-history-i 

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It's official!

members have the name of our new party!

Check it out diem25.org/we-have-white-smoke

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Did you know that anyone can start a volunteer group?

Setting one up is easy. Here's how diem25.org/volunteer-guideline

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Heard of ? Yeah, too good to be true: a currency for the people, by the people – and against the big speculative capital.

But we shouldn't lose sight of the technology that powers it.

Here's why diem25.org/invest-in-bitcoins-