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The time has come to launch DiEM25 in , the political force that will return the spirit of the Greek Spring to the country that gave birth to it.

Will you join us?


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We are getting ready for you @DiEM_25! Join us in Berlin this weekend.

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The European Parliament rejecting a major initiative for political integration of Europe is very saddening, even if not unexpected. But the remedy for this anti-Europeaness of a major European institution is just around the corner.

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Spent two excellent hours with @sp_a (Flemish Socialist Party) debating the future of the European left, and Belgium and @DiEM_25's role in that future!

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Our tour of Belgium continues...

Today our @Diem25Belgium activists met with the Flemish Social Democratic Party - @sp_a - to discuss the future of and our Progressive Agenda.

Learn all about it 

Hat euch der griechische Frühling 2015 inspiriert? Unterstützt jetzt den Konstruktiven Ungehorsam in !

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Seit Beginn der türkischen Angriffe auf führt die kurdische Gesellschaft täglich Kundgebungen am Hbf durch. Beginn ist immer um 18 Uhr. Dies wird bis zum Ende des Invasionsversuchs fortgesetzt. Kommt dahin und zeigt euch solidarisch!

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No ?

Fear not, we're creating the 1st ever Transnational Party List together with progressive movements and parties across .

This is how 

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Remember Thomas Wieser, former Euro Working Group chief?

Yep, he's making headlines again. For all the wrong reasons..

Take a look 

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The European Parliament has rejected . If they refuse to implement real transnational politics, let's mobilize together to make it happen. 

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No ?

Fear not, we're creating the 1st ever Transnational Party List together with progressive movements and parties across .

This is how 

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By rejecting the creation of , the EP has once again failed to make history. Luckily, without asking the permission of the bureaucrates, @DiEM_25 is working at presenting one single transnational list and one single policy proposal to all Europeans in 2019.

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You want to know what our theory of constructive disobedience is?
It's when the @EuropeanParl votes against , and @DiEM_25 does them anyway!
1 list for 1 vision for Europe, that all Europeans can vote on!
Change will not come from the institutions, but from us

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A fearful European Parliament votes down . We refuse to be prey to your nationalist obsessions: @DiEM_25 will field one single transnational list of candidates to present to all Europeans across the continent in 2019.

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European Parliament rejected . Major own goal. But weep not! DiEM25 is putting together the 1st ever Transnational Party List, together with progressive movements & parties across Europe, to contest the May 19 EP elections . Progressive Europeanism in practice

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Scholz =Finanzminister.Nahles übernimmt Parteivorsitz durch Hinterzimmerentscheidung...Was wollt ihr noch in dieser Partei?

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Over 50,000 Europeans have now signed the petition calling for for the elections. Keep showing your support as MEPs vote today. @alemannoEU @wemoveEU @EuroAlter @TheGoodLobby

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: Over 50 academics, thought leaders and politicians from different parties across Europe signed an open letter speaking in favour of these European Lists.

Today we'll vote in favour, we hope the @EPPGroup will join us! Read here: 

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Today at 15h the @Europarl_EN is going to vote on . You can also raise your voice and demand a truly transnational political space for the future of Europe. Sign our petition! 

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