We're making significant progress on a distributed web...

Putting you in control of your online experience by integrating IPFS into web browsers.

is happening in Osaka this week. One year ago, while still at Mozilla, I spoke at Prague about bringing browsers into the dweb world.

Would never have thought only one year later I'd be announcing browsers *actually shipping* IPFS.

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But some things haven't changed, like Facebook's continued assault on democracy and civil fact-based discourse.

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@dietrich Do you have a working libdweb build? I could try bundling it in a Geckoview browser.

@sam IIRC it needs a bit of work to get running with libdweb... but YES I've been wanting to reproduce the reference browser approach you took with DAT!

@dietrich Too bad the article doesn't mention your presence on the fediverse. I have a question. Is it possible to run a ipfs node without having to share docs, just an active node on the p2P network that would serve like a proxy caching server ?

@usul Agghh I will add it, thanks for reminding me!

IPFS nodes do not share anything by default. But a proxy caching server *does* serve stuff. Can you clarify what you mean?

@dietrich I have unused disk space and bandwidth. How can I make that available to ipfs ?

@usul You could host Wikipedia archives? Also, we are working on features to make co-hosting of websites super easy for non-technical users...

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