Been over a week now... and I'm already tired of fighting it.

Happy 2002 everyone 🥳

January 2002...

* Living in Orlando - after Seattle, before Long Beach

* Shiloh is 6, likes dragons

* Shauna is freelance writing, hasn't gone to law school yet

* I'm working on NuSOAP, my first open source project - PHP impl of SOAP/WSDL/XML Schema (and getting paid for it!)

@dietrich You were behind NuSOAP !! So many nightmares with this whole WSDL stack (not specific to NuSOAP)...

Around the same time I wrote a "wsdl browser" that was generating WxWidget UIs based on WSDL, calling endpoints etc. I had a love and hate relationship with the whole thing :)

@fabricedesre haha wow, a user in the wild! Yeah, same. Seemed promising at the time, but also infuriatingly over-complex.

Glad that future didn't pan out.

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