The tapas restaurant we visited divided its dishes into (M)eat, (F)ish and (V)egetable.

Ah yes, the three genders!

Listening to BBC Radio 1 this evening and Annie Mac read out a text from a guy called Ben who got prescribed testosterone today and is stoked for his transition.

Just made me think how great it is that that can happen on mainstream radio, the guy gets cheered by the DJ, and then more banging choonz.

Update: I didn't get to give the talk because the previous speaker took too long. Got bumped to next week when more negative coworkers are going to be around :/

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This week I've been doing training at work, and I'm really excited about what I've learned.

I'm doing a little talk about the concepts tomorrow at work and stayed late to do the presentation despite a week of early starts.

I just hope that my coworkers aren't all tech-bro dismissive about it, it'll harsh my buzz.

New afterlife theory: When you die, you get to see how your life would have turned out if you'd made different choices, for better or worse. And that's your reward or your punishment, seeing how what you did matches up with what you could have done.

I wanted to be in bed before midnight, but going to bed at midnight isn't so bad. Had a late one at work, and a couple of things to do when I got home. So very tired now.

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I appear to have knackered my left foot. This is not good. Fifth metatarsal is painful to put weight on.

I am ripping a DVD on my desktop and it feels alarmingly retro.

In the period between Christmas and New Year many of us are able to get a *lot* of sleep.

I wonder if this helps us get over our usual levels of exhaustion and results in overly-optimistic New Years' Resolutions before we go back to the daily grind...


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I sometimes wonder what it'd be like to be popular, but it seems an awful lot of work.

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I've had a great weekend and I don't wanna go to bed because then it'll definitely be over. But if I don't go to bed then tomorrow morning will happen *anyway* and I'll be even less prepared to deal with it.

What I'm basically saying is that the linear passage of time can do one.


A weekend of doing very little. I am feeling surprisingly not guilty about it, which is nice. Definitely needed naps and time off.

You know your work here is finished when you say something ostensibly nice and get the response "Wow, the more I think about that the more I hate it!"

Twitter is down. To the Fediverse!

If :birdsite: is addictive, this is Methadon.

Good news - the neighbourhood cat, who has shunned us while we had a dog visitor, has blessed us with his presence again! I am not entirely trusted yet - he didn't bounce into the house like normal - but he accepted Dreamies on the doorstep and poked around the kitchen while I loaded the dishwasher.

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