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Just had a text from my GP surgery telling me I was entitled to a free flu shot, but could only get it today. Fortunately due to lockdown I am near enough to drop by. I now have a sore arm.

Also, I've had it confirmed that I wasn't Covid-positive a week ago when I took part in the Imperial College random population study, which is nice.

Urgh, gas works outside this week mean perpetual drilling. For some reason this bothers me more when I'm at home than it did in the office.

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Wow, after a lovely morning my brain is really kerb-stomping me with depression tonight. No idea what the fuck that's about, but it would be lovely if it stopped.

"Moving instances is easy. Just find a new instance that matches your personality..."

Whoa hold on buddy you're making one hell of an assumption there.

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I managed to use my smartphone to send a message to the other attendees saying I'd be late, and made it to the late start. Go me 💩

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Ahaha I'm late for a meeting because of IBS, and the stress of this is making my IBS worse, which means I'm getting even later...

Here is Trauma Bear restored to the front porch wearing more seasonally appropriate gear.

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This is Trauma Bear, so named because he looks like he has Seen Things, after a fresh coat of teak oil to keep him safe from the weather.

Both my partners are singing along to Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" on the "One Hit Wonders" section of a live stream and IT IS ADORABLE.

No, fire alarm, stop thinking there's a fire when there isn't. I want to go to sleep.

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Somebody wanted scritches so badly he nosed my phone out of my hand.

I return from the bathroom having cleaned my teeth. My boyfriend grumbles, "I suppose I have to go brush my *own* teeth now."

"I could do it for you but I don't think you'd enjoy it," I offer.

"I don't think we have that kind of relationship. In fact, I *know* we don't have that kind of relationship."

After playing today, "Quantum Hobgoblin" is my new gender-neutral term for "partner".

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