Thanks everyone for attending @privacylab "Tracking Mobile Trackers" session @mozilla festival, esp. the people who had to stand in the hall! Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to know more. Shout-out to Floor 9 @mozfestprivsec


Graphic and Presentation CC BY-SA Sean O'Brien

@diggity @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec Looks like a good talk, Sean; shame about the venue. I didn’t see mention in the slides of Google’s own apps (or even Google Play Services itself) being a tracker. Was this mentioned?

Also, did you happen to get a chance to also mention that Google itself is one of the largest trackers in the world and that Mozilla gets over a billion dollars from them for exposing people to their tracking by default?


@aral @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec Thanks Aral! There will be more as I talk about this topic often; I'm sure some will be recorded but the only one I know is my LibrePlanet 2018 talk.

I can assure you I don't hold back in regard to Google surveillance, in this presentation or others :) One of the slides has the @exodus stats showing Google services as the most pervasive trackers, followed by Facebook, and I recommend @fdroidorg over Google Play. etc. etc.


@aral @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec @exodus @fdroidorg I take a strong stance against Google apps+services, personally and professionally, and often at odds with other crypto/privacy trainers.

I did not bring up Mozilla Google funding, but I'm happy to do so if there's a next time. I did criticize for the trackers in the Guidebook app (see "The Elephant In The Room" slide).

I very much appreciate you keeping honesty in the privacy discussion. I try to do that too.


@aral @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec @exodus @fdroidorg thanks! Comments like yours are really important, and I'll probably talk more about issues with Google in general at if my talk is accepted.

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