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@diggity Hi Sean. What are your thoughts on Yasha Levine's claim that TOR is not the valiant privacy protector that many have made it out to be?

@adz I'm familiar with his work. Personally, I'd like to see TP rely much less on funding from any government.

From the piece you linked:

"Why would the U.S. government fund a tool that limited its own power? The answer, as I discovered, was that Tor didn’t threaten American power. It enhanced it."

Tor is a tool, useful for dissidents as well as spies. That the U.S. military would use it for its own goals makes it no different than any tech... 1/2

@adz Take a look at the history of Radio Free Asia and BBG, and then consider all of the projects sponsored by Open Tech Fund (hint: really important Internet freedom/crypto projects and software).

Should we reject all those projects using the same logic Levine does with Tor?

That all said, it's important to take honest looks in the mirror. I haven't fact-checked or dug deeply into Levine's criticisms, just a few hours of reading here-and-there when they pop up. 2/2

@diggity I agree TOR can be a useful tool. It's just not one that should not be relied upon absolutely. My biggest concern is that they appear to be taking orders and notifying their sponsors in advance of security flaws. We should make sure to cast a sceptical eye on even our most sacred institutions.

@diggity I'm familiar with BBG, RFA and RFE/RL. I'm also a little sceptical of their motives since those were originally CIA front groups. I use apps like Signal but I'm also a little cautious about being too praising of any one project. I explain some of my concerns in one of my pinned toots here:

I also talk about my ideal social media/communications network in my other pinned toot here:

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