I'm actively recruiting volunteer devs for a native Signal / Signal-like client in Gtk, in the hopes that we can bring it to the @Purism Librem 5 phone. Please contact sean.obrien@puri.sm if interested.

PGP/GPG: FA9D 40F1 5FE1 D8AB 8312 4AAA 77E3 1447 CD1F C3F6

@philippemargery @61 @Purism Signal isn't "bad". In a nutshell:

OpenWhisperSystems / the devs behind Signal made the choice to centralize the service and build identity around the phone number system, instead of doing the federated / decentralized approach.

They did this consciously to encourage widespread adoption without the traditional difficulties associated with a decentralized, multiple-client approach.

That makes it different from approaches by Matrix.org, XMPP, and so on. 1/2

@philippemargery @61 @Purism OWS has had a contentious relationship w/ FOSS devs who want alt. clients/forks of Signal that interop w/ OWS network

From the OWS perspective, it's important to keep the UI/UX consistent; alternative clients degrade the user experience for everyone on the network, and use expensive resources. Security and QC are impossible to verify for apps out of OWS control

The FOSS-y arguments are familiar, and include the fact that centralization is dangerous for freedom. 2/2

@61 @philippemargery @Purism @maxeddy "Your own phone number as your ID, what could possibly go wrong?"

I agree, but this is also why it's been adopted so widely, so quickly. The app just bootstrapped onto address books already in phones. Sure, Kontalk would be better, but it doesn't have the critical mass of users to keep people in the network, which is something Signal picked up very quickly via hype, as you said.




@61 @philippemargery @Purism @maxeddy As for the 501(c)(3), it's probably taking time to set up (I've been involved in one org that made the transition and it is not fast). We'll see what happens with that; it sure is premature to announce with a website if there's no foundation yet.

But I don't think it's a scam.

There is this filing from 2016, which may or may not be the same people: frama.link/UhcVjfPR

XMPP is great, Matrix is great, we're investing heavily in the latter at Purism.

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